15 September 2011

Mc Loph's Death

It was yet another sad song for the entertainment industry with the death of popular DJ Mc Loph 14th, September, 2011.

The talented musician born originally Nwaozo Obiajulu, according to Vanguard source, died when he lost control of his Ford Durango SUV which he bought only a few weeks back, skidded and somersaulted into a ditch.

He died on the contorversial Benin ore road before help could reach him.

Should we say this is of a naturally cause or do we blame it on the Nigeria bad road? This is really heartbreaking for me. I lost sleep over this man's death.

I just hope his death will open safety in the Nigeria entertainment industry.

Rest in peace Loph!  Really sad to see you go this early.

05 September 2011


This attractive blond, eating cake in this picture, kind of remind me of what happened to me over the night. I had running stomach. I think, I'm having table disorder. The problem associated with the species, Pisces. I have been into food a lot, lately. Can't explain why, I suddenly turn to glutton.

Hey People! I know you must be wondering where I've been for a while now. Goodness God! I have been so busy. So much event to attend. And lots of writeup to do. And to top up my busy time, I took ill. But I will be better. And be back here to gist you about my movements thus far. Have a good one!