26 December 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Dear Readers, may the joy and the abiding grace of the season radiate in your household this festive season.
Fruitful - Labor
Relaxed - Mind
Peaceful - Soul
Joyful - Spirit
Healthy - Body
Fulfilled - Destiny
These are my prayers for you this Christmas and in 2012.
Our dreams and aspirations will come true.
Enjoy People! 

04 December 2011

Been So Busy

If you have been coming here, you would notice that I have not been blogging lately. I have been so busy. I am writing my first book. It's a Crime/Thriller, Novella. Just want to try something different from screenwriting. Every writer should have a central plank of career and also know how to do all the other writing. So that when one area is not working fast, you lay hands on something else while you expect result from your other projects. Through with my first draft for now, undergoing test reading. But until my work is in the hand of a copy editor, i cannot blog regularly. So bear with me, Lovers. And happy new month. I pray as this year go to an end, our lives and the lives of our loved ones, shall not end with it.

02 December 2011

Asthma Death


Walking home... Hmmmm. I couldn't help but release huge breath that rushed out of my throat as I compose this post from the heavy grief in my heart. The concern for humanity. The inequality amongst us. Walking home... I thought and ask what sort of death would take you and I back home?

There are some group of people that has never known lack none limitation in their lives. And while some people suffer from childhood to adulthood and in the end have victory to write in stone, for others, their paths in this world from the root till their old age is entirly in vain. I ask myself, why have we come? Why did God even bothred to create us?

Pension: in general, a pension is an arrangement to make provision for people with an incom when they are no longer a regular salary from employment.

What happens to regular pension in Nigeria?

Whatever, happens to the value of humanity?
Oversea, people hardly die because they can receive fund from their pension.

What happens to the labors of our heros past?

How can Nigeria get better, when most of our leaders care about money making, once they are elected?
Rather than spreading quality of a good leadership, most people in power today, and in the past spread animalism.

Today December, 2, 2011, a man with an asthma died because he couldn't afford to buy nine hundred naira inhaler. For over seven years the goverment did not pay his pension. This man had kids that are barely ten years old. He got married late. I could imagine what will happen to those kids now, if they had suffered greatly while their father was alive.

According to news recently, the president gave award to seven people in Abuja with ten million naira each. 'A govenrment pensioner died because he couldn't afford to buy nine hundred naira inhaler.' I laugh inwardly. I'm not actually laughing, rather, I am bitter.

Where did Nigeria and the poor mass go wrong?

I pray God set this country and her people free from selfish evil government...