15 October 2012

African Calabash Fruit Heals All Kinds of Cancers

In Nigeria, this tree fruits is called Igba because of its multipurpose usefulness to make a lot of household items. By cutting in two this Calabash Fruit and cleaning out the inside, letting it dry till it has a blond or coffee brown color, you have made two bowls for (food) to be precise, pounded yam and vegetable soup in the Yoruba Dark Age times. You can use the lid of this calabash Fruit to collect water when bathing or doing laundry at the stream which was where most chores that had to do with water were done in those days. In some part of Nigeria up till date, some still use this Calabash Fruit bowls to drink palm wine and make the musical instrument called Shekere with beads adorning its body.

Now with this Calabash Fruit that contains the most miraculous healing properties you can ever imagine, you can make a juice which is not too hard to do. Open this fruit and scrape out all the inside material, chop it into small pieces and then squash it.  Once it is well squashed into a mush, you then boil it for thirty minutes before draining the juice through a cloth to remove the juice and leave the unwanted matter for disposal as nothing will eat this waste product. Once it cools, put it into bottles and refrigerate it, then drink it and heal no matter your ailment!

Go to this site http://liveinthephilippines.com/content/the-many-uses-of-the-calabash-tree/ and scroll to the comments to see the testimonies of people of white color. Read what they are saying about this wonderful healing fruit that has its root from Africa.

Also click on this site to see what Stephanie Rose Bird has written about this healing tree in her book entitled A Healing Grove  http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/healing-grove-stephanie-rose-bird/1111912879 

I went to an office so I could see an uncle for a job. I was filling the plastic cup with water from the dispenser when he walked in introduced a fine looking lady to me. She looked at me with lots of admiration she was the talking type with a lot of sense. So I said to myself this is a lady I could relate to. We got talking from fashion, to what a woman should do to support herself, husband and children, if things goes bad financially in a marriage etc; then, she brought up a woman’s case that lives in London suffering cancer. According to her, this woman would pass away December this year.

Then, I told her about the Calabash Fruit. It took like thirty minutes before this lady was convinced that this calabash fruit would work for this cancer patient who has been written off! It is sad that many countries like Nigeria blessed with nature don’t value it. I gave this lady description on how the woman in London could purchase the calabash fruit over there in London. If she did it, I wouldn’t know. She was more about making money, saying that if the calabash fruit works then, she is into the money making business.

How many must die before you help someone? Won’t your unbelief send you to your early grave? I thought about a lot of things this morning before I put this article together. And not that it was easy for me to sit down and write this article when I have loads of productive write-ups to do. But who knows, how many lives I would by saving through this article?  CANCER MUST DESIST FROM HER MIDST. And we would explore every means we know to make it go away.
I would be writing about this in my novel Seconds Wish Forever a Curse to bring more awareness on the several healing of the Calabash Fruit.

Do you know that this Calabash Fruit Juice also cures low ejaculation? If you have anything bothering you that you can’t say here in the public, don’t hesitate to ask for my email address and we’ll talk about it. If you have any question as to how many cups you should take a day as a cancer patient, please feel free to ask.

More posts to come on natural healing fruits.

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  5. hi. do you know how much for a african calabash fruit?? one piece would cost how much?

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