28 October 2012

My Book Review #1

Hello Everyone,

A lot of things have happened since I published my first book Keeper of the Lesser Flame. To begin with I met new huge family of well-meaning authors, book bloggers, book reviewers, book interviewers and well-wishers. I doubt I will ever finish knowing this good people…

Keeper of the Lesser Flame Review by Jessica Thompson

The water deity curse affects Heather's standard of living, hopes and expectation.
But laying down her soul as a propitiatory to a witch turns around her situation, mortgaging the future.

     I received this book for reviewing from the author.  It in no way affected my review.  I wanted so much to give this book a high rating.  It is the authors first novel and in some ways it was very obvious. 
     I liked the idea of the book and in many respects it wasn't a bad book.  Keeper of the Lesser Flame has a really good storyline.  I have read many books and none had a feeling like this one.  It was like a thriller book with a happy ending.
     Unfortunately it was very flawed.  From editing and time jumps it is very obvious this is Damilola's first book.  I personally don't mind editing errors (though I do notice them) but I do mind time jumps without any way they got to the point that they are at.  For example *spoiler* Heather suddenly got married and had two kids when the last thing before that she didn't want anything to do with the guy.*spoiler end*
     I needed more visualization for me to enjoy the book more but even with the lower review I didn't hate it.  I give this book an Adult rating for strong sex scenes.
How sad, right? By the look of this review many beginner writers will back out or call Jessica names; say she doesn’t know what she is saying or that she doesn’t wish them well because she is also an author.
But wrong!  

Anyone who wants to get better in any field must take likely to criticism. Before Jessica published this review, she let me know how critically biting she was going to be with her review just like her blog title “Reviews that Bites” She asked my permission if she should go ahead and publish the review, but of course I told her to go ahead. Thanks to Jessica for this biting scrutiny. My next two books “TALES OF DEBORAH and THE ULTIMATE PRICE” that are going to be out in couple of months by God’s willing, will be close to being perfect. Many thanks to you Jessica, I’m deeply grateful.

As I’ve often said, I welcome from well-meaning book reviewers, authors constructive criticisms and advice that will lead to the improvement of this book for future update.

Are you beginner writer? Then, it’s because of you I summon courage to write this post.  Here is my advice, have your manuscripts reviewed by lots of people before you publish them. And then, when the feedback start coming in good or bad, please, don’t feel awful – never back out because of what someone says that you don’t like. With this organic process, you can be better and become a world celebrated author. Share this post; it will sure inspire someone to begin thinking differently.



  1. A review is an opinion. There are some negative reviews that can be agressive and cruel. If the review is observant, constructive critisism then it is OK.
    I was "lucky" all of my first reviews were huge fives, I have since been hit with a few more ...it is so important to learn and grow and a good editing job (self-editing) does not work....is an absolute necessity
    Thanks for sharing most courageous and you can always still edit! :)
    M.C.V. Egan

  2. I would say Cara's review was more observant and constructive. I don't have problems with Jessica's review - i learned a lot from her. Like you said Mummy Egan, review is an opinion and this book reviewers' opinions has changed something in my novel writing career. Thanks for stopping by here to leave your comment. I am honored.