17 December 2013

Nutrients Found in Human Urine

Do you know that human Urine is the most powerful, most researched and most medically proven natural cure ever for any kind of illness? Often times, I've heard people say drinking Urine is healthy. Especially if you are diabetic, drinking your fresh Urine of the day improves the state of your health or prevents you from being diabetic and other ailments. My Grandma was diabetic, had a whole lot of health issues. Sometimes I'm afraid I might turn out like her because I really loved her. So any ways, I could protect my future health I just apply it. Couple of times I've tried the early morning Urine plus the normal hours. Each time I had done this; I just pee and pee, and pee! I concluded there must be something in my system that this special liquid washes away. But, you know what? I quit, because I'm lazy! I would rather keep my head in books than get up to eat much more get up to pee so often as my swallowed Urine makes me do. And that is why I'm introducing the nutrients found Urine to encourage you help yourself and others, in case you are found in my lazy shoes.

Nutrients Found in Human Urine

Alanine -38mg/day

Arginine - 32mg/day

Ascorbic Acid - 30mg/day

Allantoin - 12mg/day

Amino Acid total 2.1gl/day

Bicarbonate - 140mg/day

Biotin - 35mg/day

Calcium - 23mg/day

Creatimine - 1.4mg/day

Crysline - 120mg/day

Dopamine - 0.40mg/day

Epirephrine - 0.01mg/day

Folic Acid - 4mg/day

Glucose - 100mg/day

Glutamince Acid - 308mg/day

Glycine - 455mg/day

Inositol - 14mg/day

Iodine - 0.25mg/day

Lysine - 56mg/day

Iron - 0.5mg/day

Magnesium - 100mg/day

Manganese - 0.5mg/day

Nitrogen total 15mg/day

Methionine, Total - 10mg/day

Ornithine - 10mg/day

Pantothemie Acid - 3mg/day

Phenylalanine - 21mg/day

Phosphorus Organic - 9mg/day

Protein - 0.9mg/day

Riboflavin -28mg/day

Try Pophan - 50mg/day

Tryrosine - 24.5mg/day

Urea - 100mg/day

Vitamin B6 - 0.03mg/day

Vitamin B12 - 1.4mg/day


Urine according to medical science is a direct product of the blood. After having passed through an ultra filtration mechanism in the kidneys, urine is therefore a purer filtrate of the blood. The idea that Urine is wasteful products fits only for toilet shank is erroneous. It appears wasteful to many because they do not understand the virtue of the volatile salt of Urine. The rotten dead leaves provide the most valuable mineral salt for the soil. The idea that Urine contains poisonous elements, which the body is endeavoring to eliminate, is based upon theory only and it is not demonstrated by facts. 

According to J. W Armstrong, in his book, "The Water of Life" and I quote "Urine on being taken into the body is filtered; it becomes purer and purer even in the course of one day's living upon." 

One of the component in Urine is hydrocortsone which is a life saving remedy in any condition. It is like a resuscitation injection which orthodox doctors give patients to build up resistance body to any infection. Urine will not cause disease but will instead cure any condition that you may describe as illness. If you know of anyone with AIDS viruses, HIV - 1 or HIV - 2, this is a natural remedy for the ailment. Let the patient drink all the urine he passes out for the duration of four months. If patient has been on orthodox drugs or medication, it shouldn't be taken with Urine. It will amount to overdose. Such a patient who wants to take Urine may need to go a whole day without food so as to detoxify the system and purify the internal system. 

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