06 August 2011

The lady WHO can't keep searching

I hate to sound like a loser, people, but i feel like giving up the search on the whole hunt for a life partner. Happy and guilty in equal measure. Having been single now for a while, I'm feeling like a feather floating down the stream. No man, no brutal aching pains. It is not like i don't like men. Far from it! As much as i love my female friends, i love the male better. They are easy to confide in, easy to talk to, as long as they are not chauvinist. When there is no intimate depth, relationship with this other sexes, sadly, the result is peace of mind. Not that i have not had my moments. Really, i had. Until recently i have been in a permanent state of falling in love, being in love, and falling out of love.

What reminds me of my recent state, is the tales of other ladies being vulnerable, hurt, or in that annoying Phrase, 'damn lovergirl' that move on or cheat. Which brings me to the real point of this month's first missive. The huge gap between men and women: could we tie down straying boyfriends and husbands, and engender desire in their hearts' for us? Should a sex-free life be the secret to a peaceful one? Let's hear your view.....

Can't bear another odd Sex

Ladies, don't get stuck with the most annoying penises and be cheating on your guys. If you can't stand Uncle Quick Erection, hit the road for another guy entirely, rather than having an affair on one side, and pretending you love everything about Uncle Quick Erection. Or, you get him help. Not medical help with side effect. Check out this video. It's a natural remedy for  erectile dysfunction. But if the guy is an arrogant sod, the type impervious to anyone's opinion but his, then, i suggest you take a walk, rather than managing and cheating. Guys, do help yourselves, too if you this kind of problem.

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Beautiful Brozen

M.A.C Studio Fix NW43 / Black Opal Creme Stick Foundation Beautiful Bronze. Are you surprised i merge this two beauty products? Wait a minute. My first try was mac fix NC42. God knows i look like the devil, when i wore it. I got mac NW43. Then it occurred to me,  one time that i was merging makeups. Don't be surprised with the makeup merging thing. I do make-up people for events and adverting. Weird. Ain't it? I'm all over. But of course, i do have a central plank of career, which is directing, screenwriting, acting, cinematography. Some people really can have it all.

The combination of nw43 and the black opal was sublime! My charcoal dark complexion girlfriend could use it fine. And my Asian friend got off with it, quite exquisite! 

Very quickly, my nw43 finished. And then, i pounced on the abandoned Mac nc42. It was just the same great outcome. So; if you are having problems using your Studio Mac Fix, this is a solution. Black Opal Creme Stick Beautiful Bronze, use it as a base, and then, top it up with any mac powder shade that is not your right skin tone. You will thank me for the outcome. If the mac is completely out of your color, make sure that the beautiful bronze is much, when you apply it as a base. Good luck! Good look!

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