06 August 2011

The lady WHO can't keep searching

I hate to sound like a loser, people, but i feel like giving up the search on the whole hunt for a life partner. Happy and guilty in equal measure. Having been single now for a while, I'm feeling like a feather floating down the stream. No man, no brutal aching pains. It is not like i don't like men. Far from it! As much as i love my female friends, i love the male better. They are easy to confide in, easy to talk to, as long as they are not chauvinist. When there is no intimate depth, relationship with this other sexes, sadly, the result is peace of mind. Not that i have not had my moments. Really, i had. Until recently i have been in a permanent state of falling in love, being in love, and falling out of love.

What reminds me of my recent state, is the tales of other ladies being vulnerable, hurt, or in that annoying Phrase, 'damn lovergirl' that move on or cheat. Which brings me to the real point of this month's first missive. The huge gap between men and women: could we tie down straying boyfriends and husbands, and engender desire in their hearts' for us? Should a sex-free life be the secret to a peaceful one? Let's hear your view.....

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  1. Off course we can't tie them down,a one-sided love affair is terrible. We can only set our priorities and pray we notice the right man when we see him. it's a bit perplexing, must all men cheat?