Accepting Guest Posts

So you want to guest on The Darmie Orem Blog? Here are my writers’ guidelines. Please read them carefully. The Darmie Orem Blog covers wide range of high quality contents.

I’m seeking posters who can offer contents that deliver valuable information without selling. Please be a regular reader of this blog before you pitch me. Be familiar with the topics that have recently been covered on the blog, look through the list of topics I want; and propose something fantastic. Know how to write strong headlines. Some particular areas where I am looking for guest posts are as follows:

•Health Tips for new Moms & Babies / Advice for Healthy expecting Moms

•Homemade Baby Food Recipes

•Baby Clothing Tips

•Tips for Choosing Toys for Toddlers / Tips for Toys Safety

•Tips on Playing with Babies & Toys

•Fashion Tips for expecting & new Moms

•Healthy Eating for Kids / Parenting Advice

•Health & Fitness Tips, Tricks & Tutorials

•Tips for Identifying Medicinal Plants

•Tips on different Herbs & their Health Benefits

•General Etiquette Tips & Advice

•Men's Style Guide & Female Fashion Tips & Advice

•Food Safety Advice / Nutritional Tips, Cooking & Baking Tutorials & Tips

•Wine & Food Pairing Tips 

•Tips to maintaining Better Vaginal Hygiene / Women General Care

•Tips on Sexual Health & Sex Guide

•Advice on Relationship, Marriage & Family

•Gardening Tips, Interior Design Ideas & Decorating Tips

•Lifestyle & Home

•Tips on Natural Beauty Products

•Tips & Tutorials on Homemade Beauty Recipes, Cosmetics & Makeup

•Makeup Tips & Tutorials

•Tips & Tutorials on Cologne & Perfume Making

•Tips on How & Where to Wear Perfumes

•Tips for Making Homemade Scented Oil Candles

•Tips & Tutorials for different styles of Clutch Purses, Handbags, Wallets & Cases

•Tips & Tutorials for Making Flats, Shoes & Boots

•Tutorials, Tips & Ideas for Making Jewelry

•Clothe Sewing Tips & Tutorials

•Tips on how to Choose the Perfect Outfit for any Occasion

•Tips, Tricks & Tutorials on Mugs, Ceramic Plates, Bowls, Spoons & Pottery

•Filmmaking Tutorials & Tips

•Screenwriting Tips & Tutorials

•Novel & Short Stories Tutorials & Tips

•Short Story Writing Tips for Kids

•Success Stories just about every areas of life

•Love Stories & True Shocking Stories

•The Technical end of Blogging and Writers’ Web sites

I prefer posts between 500 & 1000 words or less, although a long-list type topic might need more space, in that case, I will not bug about word count. Make sure to proof relentlessly. Write concisely. Know AP Style. Check the popular posts sidebar at right for a sense of what readers like beside what I'm looking for.

So far I'm not paying for posts, it doesn't matter if they had been previously published it should just be unique to appear on this blog. As a poster, you will not include any lies in your post, or especially anything that slanders or defamed anyone else. I retain the right to use paid guest post in future ebooks and other products.

However, you may reprint/republish your post after 30 days. Compose your post in MS Word 2003/07 so that it formats well. If you can, please suggest an image (either free or a cheap one from istockphoto) and provide credit link information. Once your headline and outline has been approved by me and you’ve written your post, send me two things: a .txt or .rtf plain-text version of your proposed post for putting into my Blogspot html mode, and a Word doc for easy read-through. I offer two links in your tagline (or you can stick one of those in the post, if you prefer). That is all. Keep your tagline short – three lines maximum. Have a passion for helping other writers make more money.

Do not send me finished articles without pitching me. They will not be read or accepted.  When you’re ready, email me your pitch at lolagrove [at] YAHOO DOT co DOT uk with the subject line "Guest Posts Pitch" It should include the proposed headline for your blog as well as an outline of the points you would cover. If I think there’s potential then, I’ll contact you via email and we’ll publish. I look forward to having terrific guest posts on the blog, and helping to create more Sparking Contents for Sparkling Audience.

For those writers that get paid for guest posts, sure I like the idea of paying guest posters. But I can't do that now until the site is a profit-making blog.

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