01 August 2013

The Difference Between Great and Ordinary Women

There is difference between great and ordinary women. It is the difference between their attitude to the intensity of the spiritual joy and erotic pleasures they derive from men. Great women derive great spiritual joy from their association with men, but they do not make men their central pursuit or dominant factor in their lives: because they begin to fail if ever they make this mistake. 

To the ordinary woman her erotic pleasures are foremost, and often she deflects her career in obedience of the flesh and the heart.

I AM A GREAT WOMAN. I’m sorry if I break your heart because I don’t make the pursuit of love my primary objective, but make it and its pleasures a secondary necessity to come when times are good and free.

WINK!! Just thought I should publish this thought as an article. It could help someone sit up. I hope it does!!

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