27 December 2012

Get Natural Flattering Eyebrows

As ladies who are apparently concerned about our looks, the brows are the first thing to work on because they are the frame for the eyes and define our features and make us look very attractive!

If your brows haven't been touched before, first, get a tip on how to do that or you can simply follow this simple method. Use a white pencil liner to draw out areas you want out of your brows. Make sure you don't tamper with the hair from the center of your noise. To be on a safe side, tidy up your brow in front of a mirror to see what they will look like with the master draw you've done on them.

Once you've achieved a perfect shape, you need to thread them regularly twee-zing stray hair below eyebrow after every three days; depending on how fast your hair grows. With time the natural arch you've created will be permanent if you don't tamper with the top of your brows, but just the bottom.

The Eyebrow Makeup

Once you've achieved a well trimmed brows then, you need to fill them up for your various occasion.

Things You'll Need

Powdered eyeshadow or brow powder, eyebrow pencils, eyebrow gels, and a slanted soft wedge brush.

Applying The Products

Pick a powdered eyeshadow which has a soft texture with a matte that nearly matches the color of your brow, and avoid anything which has a shine in it.  Using the wedge brush start applying the powder in the centre of your brow and slowly blend it toward the out corner.

Use the tip of the brow brush to apply the brow powder toward the beginning of your brow. Make sure you do not use too much of the powder and keep the strokes light and strong. Don't forget what we want to achieve is a natural flattering looking brow.

In a subtle touch, use an eyebrow pencil in a shade which is near your brow color to fill in any areas which does not have hair. Pencils offer a lot of control. Blondes should use pencil in taupe, auburn for redheads, light to medium brow for brunettes and dark brown for charcoal black hair.

Natural Looking Fabulous Eyebrow

For natural looking fab cool eyebrows, use a transparent eyebrow gel. They can be expensive though. But you may as well take this alternative: get a plain mascara or aloe vera. Put a tiny amount of either of them in a small flat bottle cap or container you preffer. Then, add a small amount of crumbled matte eyeshadow which has a shade that compliments the color of your brows to the plain mascara or aloe vera. Mix everything together thouroughly using the brow brush. Continue to add more eyeshadow as you mix until you have a satisfied shade. Set this into your brows using your makeup brush.

The Translucent Powder Way

Another way to makeup your brows, is to use the translucent powder. After your bath before you apply your body cream and have the face oiled; pat a little translucent powder over your eyebrows area using the slanted brush, cotton bud or Q-tip. Then using non-smudgy black eyebrow pencil, carefully feather in little lines over the top of the powdered eyebrows you've just drawn on. It is good to combine brown and black in this way so that you look ultra natural!

Whichever of these options you chose, to make your flattering natural eyebrow, making them sweat-proof, I will recommend Model in a Bottle's Long Lasting Eyebrow Sealant. You can as well use any sealant of your choice.

Use the brush tip end of the sealant to apply the liquid over your makeup brows.

That's Your Natural Flattering Eyebrow Makeup. I hope the tips are helpful.

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