Is An International Photography Competition

Scheduled to take place every three, three month.

It is created by Damilola Ogunremi - coming soon on The Darmie Orem Blog

SHOOT THE FBS is a three time in a year photography contest that is designed to inspire and expose, talented, pro, amateur and aspiring photographers. This contest gives all photographers a purpose to create a powerful full body shot as well as deadline to work towards.



The Grand Prize Selected Photographer Will Receive:

Fair Opportunity

A $500 Cash for him/or her to Spend However Desired

World-Wide Exposure

A Feature in an internationally distributed magazine.

Plus Special Prizes for Runners-up:

Category: Early Entry Awards, Creativity Including Cash

So get your entries in, and GOOD LUCK!


How to enter

It’s simple!

1) Register for Shoot The FBS

2) Read the rules and details about preparing your images

3) Send an email to the creator of Shoot the FBS at lolagrove [at] yahoo DOT co DOT uk with the subject line "Number of Pictures" with your details and say how many images you would like to upload for the contest.

4) Upload your images with your contest profile

5) Wait for the end of the month


Preparing your images for submission.

When taking your shots consider these things: props, backgrounds, location, poses. You are allowed to upload two images. One of them should be a fashion photo shoot and the other should be plain - outdoors and indoors. 

The term FBS here is Full Body Shot. You will need to re-size your original images so that they are smaller for the image upload system. If your image is selected by Shoot the FBS organizer and judges you may be required to submit larger files of the selected image.

Original image file size

The original images should be high enough resolution to be printed. Images taken on any camera or camera phone will definitely be accepted, however if the image is not a reasonable quality, we may not be able to print them in future publications.

Image file size for uploading

Uploaded images should be in jpg file format.

You image should be 800 pixels tall.

The maximum file size for uploaded images is 1 Mb.

The optimal image resolution is 200dpi.

Editing and adjusting your images

You may adjust and edit your images to optimize the photograph. Aspects such as cropping, brightness, contrast, and color balance can all be adjusted. Your indoor and outdoor images may be in color and B+W for submission, images may not have any watermarks or captions on them.

Naming your image file

Please name your files in the format of the following examples.

Name: Lola Vocan

Contest: March 2014

eg. Lolavocan.March2014.image1.jpg

Entry is Fee


Your images will be judged by our panel of judges. The images will be primarily judged on the overall emotion, power, creativity, skill, and originality of the images. This is a skill-based contest and chance plays no part in the determination of Winners or Finalists. The judging will be blind; the photographer will remain anonymous throughout the judging to ensure that each contestant is judged solely on his or her images. All judges will be appointed by the organizer. The Winner and Finalists will be determined by the judges and the organizer in accordance with the competition rules. Their decision is final on all matters relating to the competition. The Organizer will not enter into any correspondence regarding the judging or organization of the competition. The judging will take place at the beginning of every month.


Shoot The FBS is open to professional and amateur photographers. To be eligible to enter Shoot The FBS, the entrant must have reached the age of majority in their jurisdiction of residence at the time of entry. This contest is open to everyone world wide. By submitting an entry, each entrant agrees to Shoot The FBS rules and agrees that his or her entry complies with all requirements set out in the Rules. This contest is void where prohibited; participants/entrants are responsible for making sure their entry complies with their local laws. This is a skill-based contest and chance plays no part in the determination of Winners or Finalists.


Shoot The FBS neither assumes nor bears any responsibility for any form or type of loss, damage, or injury incurred as a result of participating in the contest and receiving of awards and/or prizes. Content of all images submitted is the responsibility of each entrant. It is the responsibility of each entrant to obtain all relevant model and/or property releases. By submitting images each entrant assures that all images are their original works and no copyright and/or trademark infringement rights have been violated. It is not the responsibility of Shoot The FBS to obtain model and/or property release forms or to assure/examine protection of trademark infringement rights.

Winners Announced/Prizes/Sponsors

Winners of Shoot The FBS will be announced on The Darmie Orem Blog and other social platforms, as well as having the winning images posted in ArtCulture Writers' Mission and Value Group on Facebook. Prizes will be awarded to winners and organized via email within 1 week of the winners being announced. If the Winners does not claim the prize within 30 days, the winners may forfeit the prize. Prize recipients are responsible for all applicable federal, state, provincial, and local taxes, as well as any other costs and expenses associated with prize acceptance and use. Prizes are the responsibility of the official Sponsors of Shoot The FBS. Shoot The FBS reserves the right to change, or modify Sponsors and Prizes.


If you submit an image, Shoot The FBS reserve the right to free reproduction of entered images in all media, but only in connection with this contest. The copyright will, at all times, be respected by Shoot The FBS and retained by the photographer. Where an image or images are reproduced by Shoot The FBS, the photographer will usually be credited. Shoot The FBS reserves the right to send emails promoting the contest. We hate spam too, so if you don’t want to receive it, simply  opt out in the email.

Right to Cancel

Shoot The FBS reserves the right to cancel or suspend the contest if it is not capable of continuing as planned for any reason that is beyond the control of Shoot The FBS organizer. Eg, Computer Virus, technical failures, bugs, etc. If the contest is cancelled, the organizer will notify the entrants and will not reserve the right to use any of the submitted images.

Changes to Rules

Shoot The FBS reserves the right to make modifications to the Rules. Changes made to the contest will be posted on this blog in the Rules section when this contest is all set and ready to launch.


Shoot The FBS

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