27 September 2012

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Pick Up Yourself

When life hurts you so badly you feel there is nothing left than to give up. And the people you count on break your heart to the point of contemplating suicide. All around you nobody tells you there is a future for you. When you look in their eyes is doubt you see for the bright future you hold so dear. Pick yourself. Yes, you. I’m talking to you. Patch yourself back from the falls that has hit you for no good reason. Say to the Devil and his agents he’s failing over the glorious plans for your glorious destiny. 

Giant do fall, you know? Always remember that for those mountain that stand between you and your joy. Tell yourself you are making it no matter what happens. Encourage yourself with visions of victory because you are only being tested. And though it may last for a longer while, it will not be forever. Speak over your destiny it is well with your earthly journey.  Throw your spirit out from depression and break the enemies Jericho of pains, shame, lack, and rubbish in your life that drives love, peace, hope, good health, and success from your way.  God is a present help. 

My message to you and me, get out of that depression which has stop you from rising again. You can make it if you are steadfast and persevering.

Pick Up Yourself.

24 September 2012

Enugun Trip

In all my years that I've been attending burial ceremonies in Africa, I have never seen something like this before. And if you are not from Igbo land, I doubt you are in the same shoes with me. The way the affluent Igbos, do their burial ceremonies, I must say is quite different from yours. It's like giving out the princess in marriage. I was thrilled! Let's browse the trip photos together.

                                          Me and Lily here in Lagos, getting set for the trip

 In this fully AC bus, is I and Lily's sweet family. We were having real fun. I feel sad for the driver who couldn't share in our enjoyment!

                  Arriving Enugun. Sorry, I informed this crazy picture. Don't I like being funny? Oh, yes, I do!


                                   Lily's Grandma. May the gentle soul of the woman rest in peace

                                         Someone in a sleeping mode here. God help Lily with food.

                                Killing one of the cows here. Oh, God, I hate blood! Closing my eyes!

                          That's me next to  B baby. She is going to make a wonderful house wife

                                                                   Myself and Lily

                                         These local musical instruments gave me thrill. I like them!

When I first saw the women came in through the house gates with crates of mineral on their heads, I marveled. Because the cases where I had seen this happened at my place was at traditional weddings. Hmm. The Igbos' ways of doing burial ceremony is quite different from the Yoruba's in a nut shell. This wasn't the only women group that attended the ceremony, they came in batches.

The whooshing instrument on this woman's ankles gave me lot's of shrill. Not a bad one though. Just something that made me feel like I should belong to a world that has existed long before I came to the world. I love African culture.

This is another woman that gave me serious shrill. Whose says we don't have sweeter culture in Africa, Nigeria?

                                         No woman must go to near these masquerades

Trip down to the village can be fascinating. I hope you will embark on one very soon and make Enugun City your first stop!

What Could Be Possibly Wrong?

‘My goodness, what happened to you?’ Bimpe asked, setting aside the TV remote she’s been using to tune the television to her favorite station.

Debby’s hand went to her disarrayed, mahogany plaited hair. ‘You mean my hair? It’s like something rubbed in the dust. The dry season is causing dirt out there.’

‘I mean all of you,’ Bimpe looked at her friends’ dirty hair, the purple blouse she was wearing to her sunken eyes to her overall bruised cheeks. Only her lips had a faint lipstick color, undoubtedly, from her looks, the newly found boyfriend which will no doubt become husband three, has been punching her again. ‘You like look shit.’

‘Thanks,’ Debby said surly, reaching for her handset.

‘No offense,’ Bimpe said. ‘Is everything okay?’

‘Everything is fine.’

‘No, it is not. You know, you cannot continue with this guy that beats you up at any slightest fault? He does not even respect the fact that you are ten years older than him.’ Bimpe took an infinity paused looking in her friend’s eyes for understanding. ‘You can’t possibly go ahead with the wedding.’

Debby looked back to her distant memories, and then tears flooded her eyes. She remembered when she and Bimpe were kids, how she used to go to Bimpe’s house to eat because she was always starving, and things were bad for parents financially. The memories brought a curl to Debby’s red, plum lips, albeit being a woman of vision she had tried to become somebody in life. 

Today marked twenty years she became British citizen and a certified matron. However, she had no single house to herself in Nigeria, no car, and in London she moved from one’s friend’s house to another. Everyone she had brought to London who did not have half a good job as she did, have houses, cars and are happily married. 

What could be possibly wrong?

She had two sons. She had met their father twenty years ago on the social network facebook. After their marriage they got along so well, before things fell apart. After seventeen years of enduring the hard marriage life, Debby divorced the father of her two sons because she had believed he was beyond control and was unfaithful. Now the guy had the boys. The children wanted nothing to do with their mother. As a blogger I like to be honest and as my reader, I want you to be likewise honest. When a woman had spent seventeen years in her marriage, is she not suppose to endure whatever she faces in the marriage, when she has already come this far?

Bimpe shook her head, thoughts on her friend's life. Anyone who walked into Debby's Nigeria rented apartment that she would soon be ejected from, would think the picture of the big, fine strong man hanging on the walls was her legally married husband. But no, Frederick was one of her cherished rich boyfriends who wouldn’t leave his wife to be with Debby. She couldn’t count on her befuddle fingers how many pregnancy she had aborted for Frederick.

Now her thought came back to Marcus Debby's Nigerian, American newly found boyfriend she likewise met on facebook. She was pregnant with his child, their wedding was in two days, and she just found out he was married with three kids in U.S. and a newly born that made his children four. She couldn’t abort the baby she was carrying in her belly now, she couldn’t call off the wedding, and she had spent so much and inflated herself beyond her level. 

On the wedding day, Marcus claimed he forgot the platinum wedding rings he spent lots of money on and his groom suites back in there U.S. Was there any rings? Did he truly buy anything whatsoever for this wedding? NO. Marcus was the sort of men who went from one rich woman to another and dumped them once he finished ridding them of their material goods and money.

Bimpe’s younger sister quickly rushed to a nearby market to buy Debby a four hundred naira wedding rings, just before the groom made an absolute public spectacle of her sister's friend!

They bought the twenty years British citizen and a matron, four hundred naira wedding rings? Hmmm. I can’t help but release a heavy gasp at this point. I’m just so sad! Dear Readers, what do you think is wrong with Debby?

After the wedding, Marcus broke into Debby’s Nigeria apartment, packed all her material goods and returned to his family in the United State of America. Debby’s landlord threw the remaining of her things out. He had given her enough time to pay him the two years house rent she owed him and now he couldn’t cope anymore.

Debby is now in London begging to sleep in one friend’s house to another…

What Could Be Possibly Wrong With This Woman's Destiny?


19 September 2012

The Public Affairs Section of the U.S. Consulate General Lagos and IRep Communications five day film workshop for writers in Lagos

                                                               IRep Communications

                                                                 Michael Gozzard

                               Michael Gozzard, Femi Odugbemi, Makinwa Soyinka, Bene Uche

                                                       Olu Jacobs, Femi Odugbemi

                                                Jahman Anikulapo of Guardian Newspaper

                                           Michael Gozzard, during the workshop teaching us

                                                            The IRep Com Alumni

                                                       Myself and the other Alumni

                                                   Myself and Michael Gozzard

                                             Myself, Makinwa Soyinka, and Femi Odugbemi

                                                         Irep student group picture

Life couldn't be more sweeter, being at the same workshop with this adept creative people...