27 September 2012

Pick Up Yourself

When life hurts you so badly you feel there is nothing left than to give up. And the people you count on break your heart to the point of contemplating suicide. All around you nobody tells you there is a future for you. When you look in their eyes is doubt you see for the bright future you hold so dear. Pick yourself. Yes, you. I’m talking to you. Patch yourself back from the falls that has hit you for no good reason. Say to the Devil and his agents he’s failing over the glorious plans for your glorious destiny. 

Giant do fall, you know? Always remember that for those mountain that stand between you and your joy. Tell yourself you are making it no matter what happens. Encourage yourself with visions of victory because you are only being tested. And though it may last for a longer while, it will not be forever. Speak over your destiny it is well with your earthly journey.  Throw your spirit out from depression and break the enemies Jericho of pains, shame, lack, and rubbish in your life that drives love, peace, hope, good health, and success from your way.  God is a present help. 

My message to you and me, get out of that depression which has stop you from rising again. You can make it if you are steadfast and persevering.

Pick Up Yourself.

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