Review Policy

For Small Businesses, Agencies, Brands and start-ups looking for Bloggers to get the words out there for their products:

If you have a product (or service) you think would be of interest to me, feel free to get in touch!
I will review your products and services, if they are relevant to me in exchange for product samples that I get to keep. You are responsible to provide and; ship the review item to me. I will only post honest reviews on my blog and will let you know if I cannot provide an honest, positive review so that you can opt out of a published review if you wish, having received some helpful feedback. It may be helpful to note that I currently bill my services at $70-$85 an hour and N5000-N10,000 an hour. If you want me to review a beginning products or services and can't afford the above bill, we can work out something and, it would be helpful for both of us if you provide a second product sample that could be used in a blog giveaway. (I gain readers, you gain more exposure.)

What you will get:

  • An honest review on my blog. Good and bad. I will contact you first for guidance if I have an overall negative experience with the product. Review may include pictures, when appropriate.
  • Promotion of the blog review on Twitter, Facebook and other appropriate social media platforms.

How to reach me:

Email me at lolagrove [at] yahoo dot co dot uk with the subject line “Blog Review Pitch” and the name of your product or service. Provide any details I will need to complete my review, including the URL of the Web site you would like me to use. (Link will be no-followed.)

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