24 September 2012

Enugun Trip

In all my years that I've been attending burial ceremonies in Africa, I have never seen something like this before. And if you are not from Igbo land, I doubt you are in the same shoes with me. The way the affluent Igbos, do their burial ceremonies, I must say is quite different from yours. It's like giving out the princess in marriage. I was thrilled! Let's browse the trip photos together.

                                          Me and Lily here in Lagos, getting set for the trip

 In this fully AC bus, is I and Lily's sweet family. We were having real fun. I feel sad for the driver who couldn't share in our enjoyment!

                  Arriving Enugun. Sorry, I informed this crazy picture. Don't I like being funny? Oh, yes, I do!


                                   Lily's Grandma. May the gentle soul of the woman rest in peace

                                         Someone in a sleeping mode here. God help Lily with food.

                                Killing one of the cows here. Oh, God, I hate blood! Closing my eyes!

                          That's me next to  B baby. She is going to make a wonderful house wife

                                                                   Myself and Lily

                                         These local musical instruments gave me thrill. I like them!

When I first saw the women came in through the house gates with crates of mineral on their heads, I marveled. Because the cases where I had seen this happened at my place was at traditional weddings. Hmm. The Igbos' ways of doing burial ceremony is quite different from the Yoruba's in a nut shell. This wasn't the only women group that attended the ceremony, they came in batches.

The whooshing instrument on this woman's ankles gave me lot's of shrill. Not a bad one though. Just something that made me feel like I should belong to a world that has existed long before I came to the world. I love African culture.

This is another woman that gave me serious shrill. Whose says we don't have sweeter culture in Africa, Nigeria?

                                         No woman must go to near these masquerades

Trip down to the village can be fascinating. I hope you will embark on one very soon and make Enugun City your first stop!

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