26 May 2011

Split Stomach Effects

Gunshot Effect


Cheap Movie Rain FX


With this great tips here you are great to go as a beginner Filmmaker. I'm gonna be bringing more secrets your way from the pro. Or you can just go to a Filmschool yourself and pick courses that involve special effects. That's not enough, anyway! Exploring your field after study is the real thing. You've got to help yourself. Enjoy this sublime clip!

25 May 2011

Dim The Sun

Ooooh........ Ughhh......  I just love the static and motion world! Yes I do..... till my dying day, Mua!

Sexy Fashion Shoot

Travel & Landscape Phtography Tips

Great Techinque Tips For Shooting Extended Daylight Exposures

Photo Tips on Fashion and Lighting

Pro Photo Retouching Secrets

Smooth Skin and Retouching Photoshop #2

Smooth Skin and Retouching Photoshop

Skin Retouching

Photoshop Skin Tone Softening

Photoshop Eye Effect #2 Depth

Photoshop Eye Effect #1 Depth

Photoshop Teeth Whitening and Eye Enhancement Tutorial

Call The Shot For The Camera Person On Your Occasion

Ba Ni Kidi

This is Darey new release. It is quite creative and artistic. Superb is what I call it. Enjoy !

23 May 2011

Lust Days

I am starved  Emotionally, Sexually, Romantically. Companionship wise, I have no life! I'm just juggling  guys. Don't get it twisted. I am not having sex with multiple men. I have not had sex in a long while actually. All I've got on my trail are bunches of Sweetrags. Quite unbearable men. During the weekend my girlfriend visited. And over the night while we were asleep, I rolled over and cuddled her tightly, my body wrapping around hers. In the vision they brought to me, I was doing this cuddling with a sweet man. Not until she pushed me off her before I knew that I was dreaming.

People please come to my rescue. If you see any cute, responsible sweet guy; I'm available. Tell him the surprise under my jean trousers is for his eyes only. He can't resist the mix of conyness and confidence.

I know you would say I'm crazy. Lol!

DSLR Rig & Gear for Video Production & Filmmaking

Editing, Transcoding & Color Correcting your DSLR footage

Top 5 Adobe After Effects Expressions

Make Realistic Flame For Your Movies

Whimsical Grassy Field Butterfly Scene Part 1 AE Premium

Butterfly tutorial. Creating a "non-realistic-semi-fantasy-looking-3rd" butterfly from an insect point of view. Editors take your chance with me with these rare tips i bring you about your backyard special effects from Aetuts.

Water Droplet Preview

Infinite Zoom Preview

Audience Preview

Creating A Full Audience With Depth From One Person.

Excute An Eletrifying Light Whip - AE Premium

10 May 2011

Behind The Closed Door

Behind The Closed Door: that is where I stay empty bellied, sleep and until I begin to float away because of my sorrows, cry, and cry until there is no more tears for me to shed.... Mmm. Fall after fall, I still keep stumbling and falling. From one corridor of darkness into another, and yet still another mile and another.

The prophet said Dammy, you are a pure soul, but that don't mean everyone is like you are. My question, why do they want to strike me down and destroy me??? Why are they continually rewarding my good with evil? How long shall the innocents suffer, because the evil doers are more than they ARE???

Every day is cold, wet, and hurting... It is always like that when is always raining. When the hearts complains, when you get betrayed, when you need to worry, when everyone is a hurry and you need an answer, when the part of the road start to look like they are fading, EVERY DAY is like this.... sad, blue and cold.

Many times, I don't feel like pressing on. And if Christ Jesus, didn't sacrificed His life for me, so that I might have mine eternally, I would have been long DEAD.

I WOULD actually taken my own life.

Maybe, just maybe some day, life would stop betraying me to the point of bitter tears....