23 May 2011

Lust Days

I am starved  Emotionally, Sexually, Romantically. Companionship wise, I have no life! I'm just juggling  guys. Don't get it twisted. I am not having sex with multiple men. I have not had sex in a long while actually. All I've got on my trail are bunches of Sweetrags. Quite unbearable men. During the weekend my girlfriend visited. And over the night while we were asleep, I rolled over and cuddled her tightly, my body wrapping around hers. In the vision they brought to me, I was doing this cuddling with a sweet man. Not until she pushed me off her before I knew that I was dreaming.

People please come to my rescue. If you see any cute, responsible sweet guy; I'm available. Tell him the surprise under my jean trousers is for his eyes only. He can't resist the mix of conyness and confidence.

I know you would say I'm crazy. Lol!

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