25 February 2013

Upgrade Your Skin with Homemade Soap

I thought about my unfaithfulness to this blog lately with the authors' interviews, and I felt I should write about homemade soap for glowing skin.

This homemade soap takes care of all skin trouble. And it may be used also in the control of body odor, stretch marks, bleached and damaged skin, pimples, post pigmentation marks, ring worm, blackheads, oily skin, etc.

Native soap
Coconut oil 
Cocoa Butter
Aloe Vera
Orange juice
Apricot seed
For fair people, add almond milk. It helps the skin remain pink, fair, soft and serves as moisturizer.

The native black soap base, used with all these earth ingredients is made mostly in Nigeria part of Africa, from the shell of cocoa, waste of palm cannel and another thing I couldn't get an elderly person to tell me. After the red palm oil had been extracted and the coconut oil had been taken from the seed inside, the rest is then pounded for this soap. For those that can't lay hands on the native soap, use Beecology handmade soap. It somewhat serves equal purpose.


Now with your covered plain container ready for the homemade soap, mix a little bit of everything from these earthly ingredients that works together to release the natural beauty in your skin. Crush the apricot seed-grand the sulfur and stick them both into the homemade soap, when you've mixed all the ingredients together in the container with your hands.

When you are done mixing, our soap may appear watery, but sure foamy. Wash your hands, leave it covered for two days and you have your homemade soap ready for use!

As a finish off, drink lots of water. Eat well, sleep and exercise to get beautiful from inside to outside.

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