08 February 2013

Happy 50th Birthday Poem for Jarman Oladejo Anikulapo - Former Nigerian Guardian Newspaper Editor

Happy 50th Birthday Poem for Jarman Oladejo Anikulapo


Darmie Orem

So what if the Hair is growing Silvery Gray, gaining unruly ground over my raven dark hair?
Body and face unintelligently dying out from their youthful glamour...
Elsewhere, I remain me.
I don't stop being dignified in form because I'm grown.
I'm a huge FIVE-O.
It is OH, my life has just begun!
Who says getting old isn't fair?
Hey, within my old joints lies the secret of freshness.
I embrace the new era of celebration.
With gladness I move forward.
I've got no tremendous heavenly present to gift myself, other than to say Happy 50th Birthday To Me!!!

This birthday poem is rather coming out late. All the author interviews are taking my time. The absense of my laptop also contributes to the reason this blog hasn't been getting posts of various genre it was created for. I would bounce back soon. Feel free to share this poem, and send it to your loved ones. As always, it was created by me.

 For Uncle Jahma, I pray the music will never stop for you!

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