22 June 2011

Interview With Sola Kosoko, Ltv Slideshow

Interview With Sola Kosoko, Ltv Slideshow: "TripAdvisor™ TripWow ★ Interview With Sola Kosoko, Ltv Slideshow ★ to Lagos. Stunning free travel slideshows on TripAdvisor"

21 June 2011

Your Salvation To Clear Skin

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Lemon Trick

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Vegetable Skin Scare

Natural Hair Repairs

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Advanced Consumer Camcoders

Handheld Pro Technique

Basic Camera Tutorial

Consumer Camcoder

Indie Lightning Samples

Digital Video Tips

Color and Lightining Composition for Videography

Videography Tutorial

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Sound and Audio Post Production

Sound and Audio Post Production

Sound and Audio Post Production

13 June 2011

The Endings - My Song

Every step seek error
When the aim is light
Courage crack like egg shell
The endings…
I worry about when, how, and if it will ever find me.
For me, the journey is like going from zero to zero as I move on within nothing

The possible losses
My heartbreaks
It is so severe I can hardly help myself
That is like stopping my flood with the tip of my finger nails.
Chances to find way out of my hole and earn some credit for efforts
The efforts I have made in bitter tears
There wouldn’t be reward  in this lifetime.

They hide my beauty in the black pot
And in the ball of dark wax my dream is held frozen
And in the shadow I see the carrier of my glory
My heart cries out, wishing for the endings!
The freedom
So I can proclaim ME, my star and be celebrated.
Does anything ever stay the same?
The spirit asked.
Time has taught me that no matter what happens
The endings will surely come.

And proud is in who I am
It is in my journey
I am a hero
I will sing
I will dance
I will testify
I will laugh last
Because at my harem abide Endings!  

Live with Confidence

Look great, feel fantastic and dazzle everyone you meet with your confidence….
First impressions count, whether you are on a hot date, just meeting for discussion over a cup of tea or you are being interviewed for that dream job, one of the first things people notice is your confidence. But I was shocked to found that for some guys this does not count. Rather they are repulsed by corky sorts like me.  Hormone erectus - That was what I called this guy Olumide.
I met him in a dating community. He was a big time guy in the finance section. When we got talking, I found that he was on about commitment, settling down and all that. The thing for me is, I have zeroed my mind on relationships. I promised to be by myself until I can have a sure sense of an affair. Fill the affair with power and confidence, discovering sexual and emotional freedom with a lover who respects me; revel in the tenderness of the union.  Give in my trust, honest and take back. Nevertheless, I didn’t say a word. My sympathetic nature tolerated his erotic dreams and fantasies! I couldn’t tell him what I stand for. I didn’t want him to run off, because I desperately need friendship, someone to take me out of my hole.
I have no life aside from my books, read, write, study, compose music, and sing! And then some girlish behavior that get me jumping in the middle of my mattress whenever I am beyond excited about something. It is this need to talk to someone, to expand the social life that has never been there that takes me to the internet – the meeting community.
Two days to Olumide’s arrival he called and asked me things I would want him to buy for me. This is not a revised story of Segun at all. Olumide bought me all the things I asked of him.
Within the days he would arrive, I quickly contacted Nkem. I knew she was still single since her last messed up relationship.  To my disappointment, she said she wasn’t certain she wanted to move on yet. But trust me I forced the guy on her o! I began to preach to her, not to fail even when she falls… I just wanted the Olumide guy off my neck.  Whether he was handsome and quite loaded, all of that was beyond my keen. I told my girlfriend I would get back to her.
As a person, whatever you want to become in life, it is good to have a sense of purpose, move with people who share your vision and above all have a sure sense of yourself. I saw all the goodies Olumide bought for me. But the meeting wasn’t at all delightful. To start with, he hated everything I stand for; my career, my brilliant instincts for plans to climb to a height of success. And then, as if I haven’t seen enough bullshit my phone rang. It was one of my girlfriends. At the end of the telephone conversation as always  we ended the call with “I love you.”  
That was when Olumide remembered I was sitting in front of him. Trouble began. Only God knows where he put his ears and mind all along that I and my girlfriend were having our girlish talk on the telephone before the “I love you”  that ended the conversation.
You know what this guy did? He picked up his handset to my face, and then put a call through to a girl he called his sweetheart.
“I just called to let you know I love you very much.” He ended the call.
This was the guy that told me he had no one in his damn life, and just that I told someone on the telephone that I love you, he reacted dumbly. Let us assume his mind wasn’t there all that while that I was on the telephone with my girlfriend, couldn’t he ask questions? All the goodies Olumide brought for me, he packed them back, including the littlest things as cookies and chocolate. LOL! Now you see why I referred to him as Hormone erectus? He is a sub-human.  When I decided it was time I take my leave, he didn’t see me off, much more asked the driver to drop me off at the bus station. This was the guy who was all over me when I arrived freshly before he found that I was a woman with power.
People what does guys think???
That every sweet looking ladies are morally decadent ? I’m definitely not cut out for such base life, trading my flesh for material goods.
Having taking on board the lessons of past love dramas – the difference between commitment (a choice of the heart) and attachment (which comes from neediness) am now feeling strong. And in the coming years, I will like to be committed once more, let go of the old and reshape my life, but with chauvinist men, a hormone erectus like Olumide roaming the world, the reward can only be more heartbreaks. This makes it difficult for courage. Imagine if his duplicitous person has succeeded to trigger special feelings within me for him, I would have been badly heartbroken.
With my eyes wide open to make wise choice, I couldn’t choose Olumide for my dear friend who was just recovering from a shattering relationship at the time
Ladies no matter what these bad ones amongst the few sweet ones take from you, do not let them take away your dignity….

The Internet Dating Today

The world moved on and so everybody. The tradition of your parenting finding a partner has been lifted. And when you sit down to discuss the quest or the hunt for lasting partnership you would see that, the stereotypes has completely disappeared. The big new trend for finding a partner is the use of the internet dating sites to meet men and women, instead of being limited to when you attend functions or accidentally bump into someone. I’m going to digress a little before I say what’s on my mind exactly. Check out this list:
“Dear, below are the contents in those two big bags:

Cosmetics: McCary Cream 8 bottles, Neutrogena Body lotion & oil free facial scrub 8-8bottles, Lux shower pearl 10, Johnson  & Johnson Neutrogena facial cleanser  & toner 8-8bottles, Infusium hair conditioner 10 jars,
Perfumes:  Axe dark Temptation 5bottles, Burberry black label 5bottles, Lempica 5 and other 8 types of perfumes i added are Versace, 1872, Joy Jean Patour, No 5 Chanel, Muscat, Clive Christian, Angel and Tendre Poison.
Bags: Calvin Kline different color 10bags, 5clutch purse, 10different 41 size slippers
Underwear:  30 different types of bra with their panties, 5 good negligees, 10 different tops
Make up:  4 Studio M.A.C fix, 3 kits that contains eye brow, eye liner (brown, black and other color)lip liner pencil (15 diff colors)nail paints.
Jewelries:  25 carat gold of big earring, bracelet, necklace (3 pieces of each),
HP Pentium M laptop with a cam and i-phone. Sorry that Laptop and i-phone are not new, just 7months old, okay.
Have a nice time.”
Ladies are these items not very tempting?? I met this guy, Segun, on the internet on www.wetinconcern u.com a few years back.  He was based in London. There was no fabulous exciting affair between us though, that the heat might break and supersedes simple meeting. It was a bare friendship! We just rubbed minds whenever, he telephoned me. And I never thought anything extraordinary could come out of the simple friendship because there was no incredible, connection from the word go. Then one day, he said he was going to send me some valuable things that I’m going to love.
“How can you tell things I would love?”  that was my response to that.
“O.K. O.K. O.K.” he was saying as he chuckled. “Do send me the list of the things you would want me to buy for you. Coz I’m going to ship some cars home very soon.”
Well I did as I am told, people. And I just sent him the list without having the mind that anything would come out of it, because I still couldn’t figure why all of a sudden, out of the blue, he wanted to start showering me with material goods. I couldn’t tell him “guy, you see, if you dey interested in me just talk am, no dey take all this shower of blessing hold me for work.” Lol! That would have shown no class. So I pursed my lips and held back my quick tongue. To cut the story short, the above items were all the goods he claimed he sent to me. The total cost according to him was Seven Thousand Nine Hundred Fifty Pounds. I know some ladies would get juicy for this kind of unexpected goodies. I did not o! I wasn’t raised, and hadn’t grown up that way.  I dey very strict. I dey call am (MAD) sometimes. First of all I asked the guy why he would spend so much money on me, and then asked what he expected in return?? He just said he did it because he appreciated our friendship. Then I gave myself brain, hold my tongue before one guy go talk say, I dey cheap or I no get class, all because I am I’m an uptight principled lady!
The shipping was supposed to take seven days to arrive Nijja. But my people, three weeks passed I no see norrin o! I say talk am. If at the beginning I brought in my rocket scientist IQ, some acquaintance go talk say I dey mad.
A month passed, then this guy called to say one of his friends was in Nigeria that I should give the guy a phone call, to be able to collect two redberry. I no say una know wetin I mean Blackberry. He said he sent the phones with Two Thousand Pounds. People, wetin I won take two blackberry do o! This won wey be say, if u no subscribe, you no fit browse. I told myself that the people fraudsters take their hard earn money, must be greedy number one, and secondly dumb!
“Segun look, I am not a material goods freaked lady!” I tried to make him get a grip on himself. “If there is anything you want with me, just go ahead and say it!” I was still saying. “All this lies you are telling are uncalled for! I do not want a penny of yours!”
“Whatever, are you getting at?” He tried to pretend, but he was so unconvincing. Please don’t break my heart. I am just being me. Make sure you call my friend.”
I quit pursing the issue! Not because I am dumb o! I just wanted to see where the telephone call would lead.
In the evening I called the friend. During our telephone conversation, he told me Segun has a problem and am the solution. He instructed me to get original documents to five plots of land that is my father’s own, and bring it to him the evening of that day I called him, while he would give me the things Segun sent me. He said he would have got the documents for Segun, but his mother in-law is having breast cancer and he has to travel back to the UK that same evening.
Aren’t these guys the most retarded idiots walking the face of the earth!?
Before I forget people, do you know that prior this time, Segun has asked for my bank data? And lodz of other things that happened, that I would leave for another time to cut this story short?
Segun was a fraudster!

There are many ugly situations that happen in relationship/friendship(s) contracted on the internet. Although some of my acquaintances meet their boyfriends/girlfriends on the internet. It works for some people and it does not work for most. My question is this. The days when our parents choose for us, as absurd and barbaric as it was, and this our lousy, hippy, heartbreaking days, which one do you suppose is best?
 “Remember, you just got into the marriage. Deal with your heartbreak once and for all and get it over with.”  That is what our mothers say then. And behold everything will be all right. Unlike now that you have to be heartbroken severally before you find true happiness, if you are lucky.

High fashion photography lighting with speedlight

09 June 2011

Abandone Fashion [Photography]

A Special Tie

A special home for you and I
A strong tie no one could break
It bounded us together with its lengths
Of cord And hold us firmly

Its vows spread like the starry sky
Above us  in bright touching colors
Like the cord from birth
Binding mother and child, it hold us swiftly
Bonds like ours is for life

And though storms might break out
along the way
There will be our strength in its weakness
A new wake of new love and fondness
To bind us continually,
Keeping us going and strong.
In this world that we cannot elucidate
Its mystery... 
We belong together, nevertheless.

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07 June 2011

The Fake Blood For Your Movies