02 February 2012

DirtY bOSS

Magi, is a secretary at a top rate juice company whose work has to do with answering phone calls and handling paper work. One morning, she was called into the MD’s office because he wanted her to make his coffee.  He claimed the coffee girl has a nauseating strong musk smell, he couldn’t endure. And until the management could find a person to serve, Magi would make his coffee.
Magi had to abandon everything to serve the MD's coffee. After a sip, the man dropped his spoon. Magi got under his desk to retrieve the spoon for washing – without warning her boss inserted his hand through her skirt, shifted her pant to the side and grabbed her clits.
Magi jumped, quite shocked, mouth agape – the man gave her a sweet smile demonstrating he wasn’t doing anything bad. He was so cool as though, he had been intimate with Magi.
If you are in Magi’s shoes, what would you do? If Magi is your girlfriend, got home and told you this story, what would be your reaction?


  1. First of all, the behavior of the boss was very unprofessional.

    Secondly, Magi needs to do what she has to do to keep her job going. However, she does't need to take crap just to please the boss to her own emotional and spiritual well being. Reason is because, the later are very important in her continued existence both at work place and many more.

    Third, Some relationship may have started in this way. Though, its had to point out how many relationship lasted through such undignified manner of the boss and so on.

    Fourth, Magi has the choice to leave the company, agree to her boss behavior or file a report to the work and safety commission etc. and still get her remuneration paid in full.

    Fifth, We can speculate on how the boss behaved; but, we are not sure if Magi herself gave him the chance to misbehave through her body languages and many more. There is always a two side to every coin and stories.


  2. Hi Steve. Sorry, I am just getting here to reply you. I like your comment. It is well written without ambiguity. I smile my thanks for dropping by to make this long comment. I must say Magi, did not use any sort of body language to ensnare her boss. The man was just purely dirty! Next time, I will work more on my subtext to avoid confusion. Thanks very kindly!