02 February 2012

Thief On My Case sha!

Two weeks after my loss at the camp ground, I was numbed – it was as though my life has ended. My hurt has nothing to do with the money, but my flash-drives which contained so much! I fought with the copyright company in U.S who protects my intellectual properties, when they wouldn’t allow me the access to my work unless we go to court. The question was where do I start? For a longer while, I couldn’t pick up a pen and write a word on a paper.

Most times I knew what I wanted to say, I just couldn’t get them out. Everything in my life suffered the loss. Even my looks did.  My belly stayed empty for several weeks. My appetite took leave of me and the only thing which could pass through my throat was water. The typical Yorubas around me said, ‘Dami, you never could tell o, it must be your misfortune this 2011 that God has taken away with the pouch,’ like say na so God wicked reach, wey hin go dey trade one goodness exchange for another for my life. I no kuku mind any pelson.  But for my dreams, the contents i the flash-drives would come to me and I will jump awake.

I almost ran mad. It’s now I’m getting myself and I couldn’t wait to gist you guys.  Two weeks after my loss as I was saying before I digressed. It was on a Saturday morning, the last Saturday of the month actually. I woke up feeling happy on this day. I’m a very deep person, and since my loss I got used to feeling suddenly depressed.  And the depression sooner knew no bound.

A friend of mine from New Jersey called that morning. He cheered me up and spoke with my friend. After the call, my girlfriend went out her chores.  I looked around me, my books and clothes were scattered all over the place. If my friend’s grandma came out, she wouldn’t like the place messed up the way it was.  I got up, packed my things and those which didn’t belong to me, and then placed them in their rightful places.

There was a dirty mug I wanted to take to the kitchen, I picked it up. There was this brother, who was visiting my friend . He was their family friend. I looked at my phone, and then at this brother and said to myself, there was no problem. I couldn’t explain why I did that. I didn’t spend up to five minutes before I returned to the bedroom. The brother was gone and also my phone!

Thank God my friend was present, when I finished receiving the international call. She was the last person to use the phone. People in the house would have said: Don’t Dami; she does not know where she kept the phone.
True talk though, I’m absent minded. I fit no give you ten kobo, and talk say I give you plenty money. If you see me for road, I beg just pick race. Only God knows which kind memory and spirit wey fit dey follow me waka then. 

Initially the phone was ringing, but within twenty minutes, it was switched off.  The sim card wey I don dey use for the past eight years and some months and never lost for one day – even though mtn na stingy network, I still prefer them.

Small time, the brother show face and begin swear say him no take am, when I confronted him. For the first two days, my friend’s family were on the culprit’s side.  Howbeit, the next day up till now, the family turned against him. He stole another person’s phone in the house. God fought for me. But that didn’t return my phone o! And contacts of many years which I will could never retrieved. I no dey do mtn back up. But now I don do o! But the backup, no dey free sha, na 50 naira card. 

My people na small out of the suffer wey i experienced for 2011 be that. More tory still don come.

Catch ya later!

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