02 February 2012

Tempt Him

…tempt him this season of love in the best way you can. Get provocative without being pornographic. Eve did well with temptation, and now it’s your turn.

Play the ultimate seductress this season and tantalize him to the core. Slip on some delicious golden necklace with a heart shaped pendant stopping at your delicate throat. Put on an alluring red slashed top which will make your cleavage provocative but not pornographic. With your hair bonded into bun, chignon or French twist, wear long earrings that add to this saucy statement. 

Top this look up with a flat-front denim deep blue wash that are long, lean, and narrow with a straight leg. ‘Avoid super low jeans which will appear to lengthen your waist and shorten your legs.’ Not the look you will love. Done choosing the right denim jeans, tuck in your top to emphasize on your hips or choose a top that hit at your waist. Top this entire outfit with heels. Open toes wedges will go well with this. With your feel good pot look, he would love you in many different ways he has never done before.

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