13 June 2011

The Endings - My Song

Every step seek error
When the aim is light
Courage crack like egg shell
The endings…
I worry about when, how, and if it will ever find me.
For me, the journey is like going from zero to zero as I move on within nothing

The possible losses
My heartbreaks
It is so severe I can hardly help myself
That is like stopping my flood with the tip of my finger nails.
Chances to find way out of my hole and earn some credit for efforts
The efforts I have made in bitter tears
There wouldn’t be reward  in this lifetime.

They hide my beauty in the black pot
And in the ball of dark wax my dream is held frozen
And in the shadow I see the carrier of my glory
My heart cries out, wishing for the endings!
The freedom
So I can proclaim ME, my star and be celebrated.
Does anything ever stay the same?
The spirit asked.
Time has taught me that no matter what happens
The endings will surely come.

And proud is in who I am
It is in my journey
I am a hero
I will sing
I will dance
I will testify
I will laugh last
Because at my harem abide Endings!  

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