25 June 2010


Josh was already getting stuck with funny ideas. He was so fed up with seeing himself the same in the stagnant spot so he wanted a dramatic change. A dramatic change? Isn't there price for that? Nevertheless, he found himself springing into a course of action which proved highly unsuccessful still. He was looking at his problems and seeing no way around it.

You must be wondering what I'm rambling on about this Friday morning. Well, I was trying to tell you a story about unfortunate young man, but couldn't get that out quite. But am going to you leave you something for the weekend.

 "There is no way round your problems but I tell you there is  a way through it"

 You have climbed mountains and there should be turning point. But from being near the end of your misfortune, you have just only begun. There is more to the challenges you have been rising to, or it leads inescapably on to yet another, bigger one that slowly drains your energy and kills your dream.
Well, my dear brother and sister I say endure some more. I feel God is doing you a favor. Because when you get lot of your grief over and done with early on in life, there will less to grieve about the hard way later on in life.

My departing words this morning, be inspired by how far you have come and you can start looking forward to where you have to go next. The rewarding part of a journey is head.

Light can shine even in the darkest corridors sometimes...


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