24 June 2010


No matter how sumptuous the meal you are served, you won't enjoy it if you have just one minute to devour it, because there is battle for you to fight. I hope you are not thinking I meant food in the real sense, are you? No. Meal here, is just the metaphor in comparison to the short story I'm about to share with you.

The meeting required they meet at his office, which was fine by her. The office was located, in one of the prestigious area in the city. She was a graduate fresh from the University with first class. But no luck where ever she turned for employment. The so called middle aged C.E.Os and MDs all wanted a piece of her even though she's got all it takes potentially, to get a job. Her boyfriend of two years recently parted ways with her. They didn't quite fit in many ways. The truth, her past had seemed not move on. Fact, she never loved him from the word go. Now that the loneliness she felt wasn't from outside alone, but from within, which is the worst anyone could feel, she desperately needed a job.

Alas, when she walked into the office clad in a tight-fitted gorgeous green shirt and black pants that flattered her long heels and  square toed heels that added a few inches to her tall and striking  figure, Ridge, (the man) was compelled to stare at her. Leslie, was quite a "beauty" but great, great beauty, Ridge was. He was tall and huge. His boyish  looks had a touch of class, and his oval face was complemented by his pointed nose. However, he struggled to dissolve his rather rude stare into the look of professional curiosity. Somewhat to Leslie relief, Ridge spoke not in the tongue of men who encouraged the trade of flesh for position. He talked nicely. He was a well groomed middle aged man with excellent abilities.
"At the moment, we are not employing people. I only asked you to bring your CV for keeps in case anything comes up," he said.
So that was it. She left but they remained in contacted and began building up friendship. Every morning, it was Ridges's text messages that woke Leslie up from bed like the early morning birds.

More amazing pieces, it was her 30th birthday and Ridge was prepared to make it a memorable day for her. (January 18th), eventually she went to meet him at his house where he hosted her. It was a Cinderella treat, she was treated quite fine and thus their love began. The great beauty she thought she knew was actually an extraordinary beauty, but mashed with a severe character flaw. Ridge's bed was shared with different of types of ladies daily.How he did it, she couldn't understand. Each time she caught him, tears would appear in his eye. Those blood shot eyes, their tears, what do they represent?
" Is it that he loves me but can't help himself or that he is just a crafty old player and that is the pattern he has mastered over the years to get the unfortunate women to trust and believe him to still hang on in the relationship?"
 Leslie usually asked herself. But that remained a mystery she could never elucidate. With a melancholic bundle of jealousy and rage, she became a pernicious nagging young woman who wept constantly, talked and talked and pleaded for a change. Rather, he got worse.

Hmm. We can't always have solutions to everything, that's just the fact about life. However, don't put up with something that causes you great discomfort. You are entitled to enjoyment and happiness. Don't be afraid of a change. When there is nothing more to do, open the CHAPTER to "GOODBYE"  or move on within. That's the best thing to do.


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