11 February 2011

Red Heart

I would help people out of their binds. I would throw in an extra effort to make sure that the naked is clothed. That wasn't just a promise she made herself for the future when she finally reached the haven of her dreams. Like some would say that today would determine what tomorrow shall look like, she has started helping people out in need, today. She could give her eyes. She noticed her generosity was to a fault, her friends complained always.

On the other end, the phone was ringing but no one would answer it.
The call was eventually answered.
"Uncle it's I, Anne."
But the Uncle kept saying hello as though he could not hear her. The line clicked and went dead. Sighing with frustration, Anne dropped her cell phone. She breathed a huge sigh drawing a sharp breath over and over again, and sat down heavily on her bed.

It was not the first favor she had asked the Uncle to oblige her without positive result, but she prayed it would be the last. But it wasn't really that, that bothered her. Rather, what could be behind all her ill lucks.
"Exactly how much do we have to sacrifice before there is an open door of breakthrough to the Promise Land?
Shouldn't the numbers count? The days we would spend on earth before we are suddenly cut off?" 
She shouted at the ceiling, a rebel to God her Creator. There was absolutely no point being in her sort of calling, unless one is going to be perfectly serious and totally committed.
"It's the price you are meant to pay, darling" A voice whispered in her head. She has tried to tell herself that, many times, but she did not really know anymore.

The contest, the chance she had been waiting for almost all her life, to be able to take a stand. It was almost closing. Everything has failed. She could not save her dreams, after all the sleepiness nights, emptied tummy of sowing into the future, while her peers were busy with boyfriends, clubbing! The playing days was almost over for her, yet she could not recollect any social life that she would say she had, had. Nor could she break out of her confinement just now, as much as wished. Hot tears sprang to her eyes, and in vain she tried to order them back.

"How dare life treated her like this?" she manged to say between her tears. She was broken absolutely, but she was not dettered. Never...

They say there is never night in God's Land of Mercy. Now, Anne believed in the saying. The hand of clock on her bedroom wall ticked away slowly, to her, it was all over. But to the God who formed her and could see each tear that traced down her cheek, ways began to open. The people she could never thought could assist her, stood up for her help. Amazingly, one of them trusted her with his foreign account to do whatever, she wanted to do.

Mm. Dara say after all, weather or not we believe in Him,  He remains faithful to us. If only we could stay without being worried when there is no answer to her requests yet, without fear, rebelling to God in our test and trials. How marvelous is our Savior's love for us.


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