04 April 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

How would I know my own destination, if she hadn't set out on the journey beautiful, ugly and proud?
Who would have come to know the unique unfolding identity of me today, if she hadn't pressed on in the agony of birth knowing that in my arrival could be her end or her salvation?
Propped up in a semi-seated position she was urged to push in continuously excruciating  pain. Then, I emerged covered in slime, eased out of the birth canal.
Cut was the string that bonded me to her.
One would have thought with that she would be happy she was rid of me and I of her.
But she continued to care, made sacrifices...
Mother is her name, Survive is her game, Conquer & Greatness is her objectives.
Love and patience is her charm.
She is simply dear mother.


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