18 April 2011

Delicious Irony

It was define  how her conscious rushed with his. The weakness in his voice let's her know that if he doesn't have her life would never be the same again. She was convinced with the way she felt for him, that there was no need to pretend, the touch of his hand would change the cause of destiny and heavens would smile once again.

Within four weeks everything has fallen into face like the flick of the switch with such simplicity and speed that one might easily become convinced that fates were conspiring to aid the glamorous plans for future. Yes, it was almost as though it were meant to be. 

But of course, it was meant to be. Though the sorrow may last for a night, it is supplanted by joy in the morning. There was no doubt about that. It was about time fulfillment about her destiny began somewhat, in some way. It was time for confidence. No more maybe. Everything she started now would work out fine! And the sheer anticipation of that triumphant, long-awaited moments threatened to be excruciating if desire, words are held back much longer than they already had.

You can't afford to rush things along, she told herself.
Speed aided by desperation. It can easily lead to separation. A tragic mistake most of us make.

Poor her. Her only desire was to find love and fall in love again with an extraordinary man who would share her dreams. Someone just like her ex; same well built body, black curly hair and those dazzling brown eyes. The night was sad and weary and so she decided to go online with her smart cell phone to chat to any friends available to cheer her up. Thirty minutes of browsing and suddenly, there he was, asking if she would like to chat. It seemed too good to be true... and of course, it was.

Poor, poor Her.
The moment they got talking, it was obvious that they were going to fall for each other. It was too right, too wrong. Yet it seemed too late to set themselves free of the feeling that beckoned. That was to do, but it gained their souls anyway.
What a waste.

A waste of emotions, dreams, hopes, expectation, coming close only to discovered he had a woman oversea that they were planning to get married. And she on the other end a single woman looking for love. What a waste of thanksgiving. Waste, Waste, Waste!!!
And yes, even a waste of of meeting and time... not that the young man's departure inflicted much pain, in the end. Not the way it would if they had started kissing, necking and even go down to making love.

She would morn. She would cry for his departure, and so would he. She would continue to say how tragic it was that her love life, was not a joke and she couldn't go out with him, how sorry she was. She would sooth his grieving voice, continued to ask anything else she could do to ease his pain that would be different from giving up her body.

He could not bear that she would not have a relationship with him despite what they felt for each other just because he had a woman oversea. He severed their friendship. That she could not reconciled. Was she to be blamed??? He was so lonely, sad, confused, yet in a relationship to be married, yet in love with HER.

What a DELICIOUS irony!

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