16 November 2012

Stonebridge Student Course Review

Stonebridge Student Course Review

Online schools are heaven sent help in these busy days when we have job and a home to manage leaving us little time to upgrade our academic lives. Schooling online not only provides easy way to study but also leaves room to enroll on many courses as possible. One of the online schools which encourages its students to give themselves a meaningful future through education is Stonebridge Associated Colleges and here is what I have to say about them, what you can expect when you enroll with them and my experience as a student in the Faculty of Communication and Language.

Stonebridge Positive Offers

Stonebridge gives students from all over the world who are committed to building the best career possible for the future the integral opportunity for greatness in their various areas of specializations with their rich programs which offers groundbreaking learning goals to succeed in any field.

The Scriptwriting Course at Stonebridge College

The Scriptwriting – TV, Film, Stage and Radio course planned for those willing to build their careers in these categories offers a profound knowledge of writing for TV, film, stage and radio with importance on present industry practices and serviceability, enriching students with the most essential writing skills. Students will have the opportunity to ask questions from their tutors which can provide help to whatever they don’t understand in their lessons.  My tutor Hilary Clark was academically gifted, patient, loving and encouraging. Though I was not in a live class I could feel the deep connection between an appreciative tutor and valued student.

This course could last for a year or less depending on how less busy and smart you are. It requires you to be a dedicated student, not only basing your learning on what you are taught at the college but exploring the field if you are pursuing the course as a career. As part of your project at the end of this course, you as a student would be encouraged to produce a feature length film and other write-ups which could garner contract if you are lucky.

My Experience  

I completed my program for the Diploma in Scriptwriting – TV, Film, Stage, and Radio in the year 2008/2009 and today I’m glad I did. Before I stumbled on Stonebridge College online and enrolled on the course, when I showed my write-ups around to family, friends and those I barely know, they were wowed! Everyone said I was a born writer. I appeared so good that one of my manuscripts entitled Just another Lie got stolen. It was my first actually. However, in this career I hold so dear to my heart lots of professionalism were missing…

Stonebridge College changed all that – set my foot on the path of proficiency and today I’m a proud published author with a fantasy – paranormal – fiction book under the name Darmie Orem. And two of my screenplays got fascinating story-notes from Hollywood.  

In my years of exploring this field since I’ve chosen it as my career, many things I stumbled across wouldn’t have had much impact in my writing career if I hadn’t had Stonebridge College as a solid foundation. When I attend scriptwriting workshops, fellow attendees look at me with awe with my brilliant responses to questions. And I can swear some of the acclaimed professional writers who are still mediocre in hearts gets jealous for seeing a young woman have so much knowledge as I do. I’m not saying I’m all best in this field. The learning is not restricted to some certain level or some degree. The field is broad and so you learn every time.

Stonebridge Associated Colleges is where you want to lay a good academic foundation for yourself. I give this course a five star as a student and a blogger.

Disclaimer: I do not receive compensation for writing this review, and all opinion are my own.

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