26 July 2010

No End of Fun

In a strapless shimmering gown picked up from the world’s top designer and with her hair and make up exquisitely made, she looked the epitome of sophisticated glamour at the red carpet gathering. As she walked through the cheerful moneyed looking men and women, a powerful scent gave her away to her dream man – it was the cloud of body spray, perfume, roll-on, oozing out of her perfect slim body…

 When Elisa and Garry exchanged her wedding vows witnessed by family and closet friends, it was the happy ending of which she dreamed would be the end of her fiancé endless cheating. The 29-year old branch manager of a well known bank married 36-year old C.E.O telecommunication, company. They met attending a red carpet party and Garry became her best friend – as well as the man of her dreams. They were the same month and day which she thought was really serendipitous, a kind of sign that they were meant to be. She was so excited because she had been remembered by God referring to the fact that she has never found true happiness. “NOT MANY PEOPLE ARE QUITE LUCKY.” Even though Garry and Elisa were newly weds, that seemed not to be “The End of Fun,” for Garry who wallowed day in, day out philandering.  Though there were frequent sleepless nights and heartrending weeping and emaciation from thinking, nevertheless, Elisa didn’t confront her demons, for seven years. Rather, she put up with it concentrating her thoughts on loving alone in spite the storms. Then one day, she came in contact with her worst nightmare.

After a three week official trip Elisa returned home. Quite all right to her, the house was just the same as she left it. At night when she wanted to take her shower she noticed a strand of human-hair in her bathtub.
“My love I can’t remember the last time I wore weave on in this house, yet I saw a human-hair strand in the bathtub. How did it come about?”
“What kind of stupid question was that?”
Furious, Garry got out of bed and moved toward Elisa standing at the bathroom door. He was going to slap her face. Elisa moved quickly back into the bathroom and shut the door saving herself from the usual brutal beatings.  

Following the stress from her trip, she decided to take the day off and resumed work the next day. Purring, the vacuum machine cleaned the floor in Elisa’s hand. Then she saw something. Something that made blood rushed through her eyes. It was a bunch of human-hair lying at the doormat of her bedroom bathroom. There was another in a corner.
“It’s a lie, it’s a lie.”  She muttered to herself in a steady unbroken rhythm.
Even more shocking discovery… she was making the bed when she saw a hair bow with human-hair tangled round about it, beneath the bed spread. Silent tears streamed down her face as she made her way down the stairs to dispose of the despicable findings. She wasn’t going to talk about it, she determined. She was just going to let peace reign in her home. Alas, the waste bin revealed more shocking, shocking things that bewildered her; a used condom still with fresh sperm inside of it. “Isn’t this the worst thing any woman could ever see in her matrimonial home, fiancé’s or boyfriend?”

Elisa felt as if she was just waking from a long sleep and remembering, all miseries for first time. Looking at the disgusting sight of the used condom, she reflected on what her mother would have said had she been here.
“Elisa, age means nothing. God’s time is the best. Patience makes you find a good, honest and loyal man.”
I say, doesn’t that apply to both, sex? PATIENCE; key that unlock doors to peaceful realms.
“With your desperation, I hope you don’t turn back someday and wish you could turn back the hands of time and do things differently.”
Elisa’s mother would have said this. She was sure the doting mother was looking down from heaven and could sense how bad her sadness made her feel.

In the days that followed, Elisa, spent long hours locked up in the guest room with her condition, (pregnant) with her third child – no sleep, no food, just crying and begging God for death that wouldn’t come.

How dare you decide that there is only one thing, one dream, a person to make you feel happy or fulfilled? What is the point of feeling fed up about somebody you seemingly cannot have or change when so much else of opportunity is on offer. I would say stop seeking dramatic, far-reaching solutions. With willingness to forgive and move on regardless of where emotional damage has been done, get out now while you still have your sanity intact. That’s my advice, as brutal as it might be or hard for you to take.



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