06 March 2010


The water would break and pour. There now, we’ve come to birth seeking our way out. Undressed in the birth chamber, our mothers are laid in the agony of child birth, gathering their strength to bring us forth. Prop up in a semi seated position they are urged to push, breathe, push ---- and then we would emerge covered in slime. Eased out of the birth canal, the string, which bind us to our mothers would be cut, to enable us plunge into the world; born naked and helpless, we fall flat into the vague alleys….

Before you begin reading I would like to give you a bit of info on who I am and my goal with this webpage.

My name is Damilola Ogunremi, a Nigerian born Artistic/Creative/Performance writer, based in Lagos. I have a graduate Diploma in Communication and Language (Scriptwriting – TV, Film, Stage, Radio,) from Stonebridge College Bude Cornwall, United Kingdom. My background and expertise is in Features, Drama, Life Story (nonfiction), Short Stories (flash fiction), Copywriting and Poems.

My real goal is to motivate people through realistic stinging rough situations many, of us might find ourselves in, in life. As we often times do not have the energy or motivation to face up to our challenges; unless we are urged forward with encouragement. And I am sure you would salvage your life from ruins, draw on the strength to keep on in spite everything, and survive your dark times through the liberating, remarkable incessant stories drawn from the product of my imagination and personnel life experiences.

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