22 March 2010


We fall in love like fools and we are treated like we are fools, and then get dumped being fools….

We all know that jumping fences and ditches and hedges and stiles and walls is the thrilling part of hunting! But a different ball game when it comes to love. With excited hounds from Hell in pursuit of blameless souls, the henna in the vineyards is blighted before it blooms!

Feeling alone than at any time since her parents passed on, sitting by herself at the train station watching people clambering the mid-afternoon train – suitcase in hand, she was moving on but it wasn’t true. She lifted her head and the sunlight gleamed in the flood of tears down her face. Her grief was strong. With voice cracked and clogged with weeping, she questioned it all.

“Why did he leave me? Oh God!
God, God, he mustn’t! No!”

Vanessa won’t believe he’s gone!

“He loves me,” she often convinced herself.

“He is my friend, my heart of heart. Bessie loves me. He wouldn’t leave me now just when I need him most. Not over a text message!”
Now she didn’t have to explain why she moved on; she just did. It would have been so humiliating to tell her friends the truth. That Bessie had fallen out of love with her. She couldn’t admit what happened to anyone, not even to herself how much it hurt and how much she blamed herself. She felt used and worthless. She could hardly, not harbor thoughts of revenge for Bessie, who was so obviously happy with his new found girlfriend.

Everything had hurt Vanessa. With technology improved beyond imagination, computers with voice enhancement with cams and people being enabled to talk and see anybody anywhere in the world, Bessie and Vanessa met online and dated over the link for some time.
The first time they met in person, Bessie concocted a story around a long standing marriage which has finally ran aground with hot tears stinging behind his eyes.

“God! He is married … I can’t pull out. Not now. Too late!”

She looked up at him and the tears in his dark eyes made her heart turned over.
Vanessa responded with the utmost sympathy and they struck balance at once. She was going to minister to his wounds hoping to be strong in his arms in return, until Mr. Right comes along. Their bodies resonated. They kissed passionately as he slowly removed her clothes. His body entered hers with as much tenderness as lust and she was swept away by his touch, enthralled by the rhythm of the act as much by the man between her knees lolling apart. He was sex in himself.  

Vanessa looked lovelier than ever, younger too, with her honey skin glowing. What luck to have found Bessie! With a month gone by, a lot of things changed in their relationship. After all her calls and messages never returned, sending Bessie a jealous filled sms was the only way to get his attention, for he had made no attempt to contact her for weeks

"You've just ended this relationship with your own hands” read Bessie’s reply on her cell phone’s screen.

There was lot of pleading unaccepted while, in Vanessa’s mind, things fell into place.
“Bessie, is this what, you’ve had up your sleeve all these while? Ladies are his joke. And I was just one of your conquest; a feast for his pleasure.”
There was a lump in Vanessa’s throat. “So that’s what it was all about. The gifts, attention and support.”

Vanessa and Bessie were through before they began. He had her fooled good and proper. Nevertheless, Vanessa made sure her pains showed not on her face. As ever, she poured her energy into her work, sowing into her future. She found the courage to let Bessie go! If you love something, she understood, she must not try to hold onto it. She wouldn’t let her bitter experiences cause her to lose her romantic dreaminess. Torn apart like a frock though, she was going to keep on making wishes, being strong, she wouldn’t settle for less until true love she finds and its best. She will keep on holding on….

Ugh ---- wretched luck! Do you find yourself in Vanessa’s shoes and you think hurling yourself onto the road in front of a car and ending it all is the way out?
Heavens no! What could have put such a thought in your head? Or in your own case going into decline over your rough situation is the best solution you could come up with it because it isn’t the first and you doubt it would be the last. Then you cannot and would never find that diamond you crave. It is in the rubbles. It’s like a lily among thorns, I expect you to comprehend better, because that don’t come easy.

Hey, are you still reading? I am not saying you should use a new habit to rid yourself of the old. When you come out of a relationship, wait before starting over again. Get to know the new man that comes your way before you are turned over again. Learn from your mistakes, allowing the past to make it possible. Love with your brain first and then your heart and you won’t end up turning out the same.

Dar Douprah.

14 March 2010


They are just passers-by; we meet them just about any where, but they take us to the strangest places in our interactions. Places we never thought we could be, or would never be again because of our reservoir of emotions that is totally spent up!
Some of them become our close friends when we least expect and are always eager to please. But then we let them down, we take their presence for granted. And just like nothing ever stays the same, before the blink of an eye they are gone!!!

“To where?”

We question it. And we wish we told them all we wanted to say….
Sleeping by ourselves at night while staring at the ceiling with their picture frame lying on top of our chests…. Mm. Obviously we are lost in thought but it’s too late to hold them now. They are far, far away… Some down below six feet; the others, still among us. Until our eyes, are closed in death we won’t see the dead loved ones but what happened to the friendship developed with the living ones??? Painful enough, our paths shall never cross again….

And some of them are supposed to be the last we make love to. They give us love, give us their best. They are always there when things go wrong. They are our shoulder to cry on. They need us in their lives – we are the reason they live. But no matter what they do, we seem to want to hurt them. We never care a little to hear the whisper of our hearts. And then, they book us out of their minds unable to move on. They are gone because we forgot to be good or proper lovers.

We are regretting….
And the other group; we shook hands with across the desk in their offices… from simple thing, big thing began. However, we are afraid to let them inside. But with the soul-searching intense kissing that often happens with our conscience rushing together, we fall into them with the hope that they would take away our heart aches. A good dream they ought to be but they are using us time after time, being the reason why we wake up from tormenting sleep….

If it wasn’t for the lipstick on their shirts; if it wasn’t for the guy’s cell number in their purses and the incessant love messages that keeps popping in each time we are making love; still we would be chasing shadows. When the heart ache is over we won’t be missing them, we boast to ourselves. Only a matter of time, we would heal and we won’t need them. To some we would never heal though; and the ones with footprint behind, would remain in our memory till death.
We need someone to love, yet we don’t want to get close; we want to escape because we are afraid for our hearts not to be torn in ache over and over again.

Well. I would say we can’t hold on to the past regardless of our demons. The Passers-by… they’ve come to stay. They are integral part of our lives. We will continue to meet for nothing ventured – nothing gained.

Dar Douprah

09 March 2010


Tony Goldmine was born with sublime prophesies surrounding his birth, but here he was in the home that has been inherited by his mother’s family for generations, tossing seed on the ground in a backyard full of chickens, bumping each other out of the way as they ducked their heads for the food….

He was a graduate that nurtured a great ambition to someday work by himself, having a big press company. Unfortunately, presently, in his employment he was a failure. The result of his sales for the past few months were below average.
“I’m a smart ass, not a dumb one,” he sometimes muttered when he remembered his school days. “After all, it was my intelligence, that gave me a head start on my peers in the University and I finished top of my class. Somebody must be projecting an evil spell on me. This is beyond the ordinary!”

The Personnel manager of the company where he worked had summoned him. It suddenly struck him as a chicken pecked his toenail. He was going to address the memo from the Personnel Department. This could lead to his relief from duty. He was nervous.
“If he lost his job how was he to look after his ageing mother who was being cared for in the nursing home?”
Apparently, Tony was fired! When he was approached a few months after, by Jerry Hilton a rich young man who offered to take him to his god – mother for an occult relations and for a change of event in his life; there and then in a rush, Tony had made a secret pact with Satan to give him fame and fortune in exchange for his soul. Out of desperation! But does Satan understand the word desperation? Heck no! The ancient guy doesn’t joke.

A year later, Tony had wealth that was beyond human explanation; companies, luxurious houses and exotic cars. He also married a devastatingly beautiful woman. He was across the ocean when his wife had their first child. It was time for him to start enjoying his wealth and family. He was now a father! His mother was well cared for in the nursing home. Everything was just going too smoothly. Life was good!

He was on his way home to see the newborn when he died in a plane crash, taking along with him innocent souls who weren’t there when he was exchanging his own soul for earthly glory. At thirty seven, Satan claimed his soul. He died just when he finally got what he needed to be happy….

Mm. While there is a great deal of great children in the world today, there is a suitable amount of price greatly required to be paid. Do you, ought to have risen to the top but your career never got off the ground? You are dismayed and confounded as the grain blighted before it is grown. Well, who told you that the road was going to be easy?

“A man who is trampled to death by an elephant is a man who is blind and deaf!”

This is a little piece for you to learn from. It’s a must to be flawed in life to become successful, haven’t you learned? Go check out the backstory of those celebrated ones you see today and you would be awed at what you would find. Imagine the gold necklace we wear around our neck; it has passed through fire before it becomes a thing of beauty everybody admires. Anybody you see who has achieved anything of recognition has been put through a wringer of circumstances. You don’t come up to the height of success, by the multitude of your intelligence. Discard of that thinking!

My advice, accept the circumstances in which you find yourself rather than trying to adapt them to suit yourself and don’t wait for problems to sort themselves out rather take the initiative in solving them, giving your Creator the chance to direct your steps. Wait patiently for Him to move your mountains, one pebble at a time.
Bottom line; take only positive steps to improve your lot in life. Only that way could you fulfill your destiny perfectly.

Happy is the man who finds wisdom,
And the man who gains understanding;
For her proceeds are better than the
Profits of silver,
And her gain than fine gold.
She isa more precious than rubies,
And all the things you may desire
Cannot compare with her.
Length of days is in her right hand,
In her left hand riches and honor.
Her ways are ways of pleasantness,
And all her paths are peace.
She is a tree of life to those who take
Hold of her;
And happy are all who retain her.


Proverbs 3: 13 – 18

Dar Doupra 

06 March 2010


The water would break and pour. There now, we’ve come to birth seeking our way out. Undressed in the birth chamber, our mothers are laid in the agony of child birth, gathering their strength to bring us forth. Prop up in a semi seated position they are urged to push, breathe, push ---- and then we would emerge covered in slime. Eased out of the birth canal, the string, which bind us to our mothers would be cut, to enable us plunge into the world; born naked and helpless, we fall flat into the vague alleys….

Before you begin reading I would like to give you a bit of info on who I am and my goal with this webpage.

My name is Damilola Ogunremi, a Nigerian born Artistic/Creative/Performance writer, based in Lagos. I have a graduate Diploma in Communication and Language (Scriptwriting – TV, Film, Stage, Radio,) from Stonebridge College Bude Cornwall, United Kingdom. My background and expertise is in Features, Drama, Life Story (nonfiction), Short Stories (flash fiction), Copywriting and Poems.

My real goal is to motivate people through realistic stinging rough situations many, of us might find ourselves in, in life. As we often times do not have the energy or motivation to face up to our challenges; unless we are urged forward with encouragement. And I am sure you would salvage your life from ruins, draw on the strength to keep on in spite everything, and survive your dark times through the liberating, remarkable incessant stories drawn from the product of my imagination and personnel life experiences.