16 November 2010

Nuptial Bliss, Some Heart Pour and Wishes....

Though some of us argue there is no true love any longer because of tears stronger than salt that has burned out our sanity and the virtue of our eyes, I have discovered that almost everything ever written about love to be true. Quite despicably though, love could be a trick; for some, they start out as friends and the next thing, they are saying yes I do. For another set, it is love at first sight and from a precarious meeting big thing begins. For another, once hate has its foot in the way of the affair, the love lost could never be regained. For another set, they are lonely and in love with men and women that would never love them; back no matter how pleasing they seem. This other group has searched the corners of this earth for true love, their hearts are captured then they are in love. But their final encounters are consumed by deception.  They are the kind of men and women obsessed with the opportunities marriage could give them access to.  And for others it is love at the beginning , conflicts, love,  dramas, love and they are walking down the aisle to be together till death do them apart. Personally, the disciplined, morally upright “ME,” have not experienced anything remotely close to reaping the fruit of the labor in love. I suppose I have suffered in love more than anyone really should. I am constantly amazed by how events changes our lives; by how two people would start a love affair, come to an agreement to get married . And then seriously, they are standing at the front of the priest or at the registry exchanging vows.
Back in time Shakespeare said love was blind and it is something people have come to believe to be true. But I say that we just choose not to see when it is right before our eyes. And my girlfriend Lily Johnson answered that, I Dara, is the Queen of the Blindside.
True, right? Hmm…. The transient nature of time has done nothing to heal the wounds in my life that has shown no sign of healing. Each man I’ve met, in one way or another has contributed to my fall more than my rise. I suppose whom we start out this love affair with from the world go of our lives seriously counts because aura is a big deal. How could I? How could I have ever needed a man who never wanted me for so long for myself? But how could anyone want someone they know nothing about or get to know someone who is not of interest to them? And what you don’t know doesn’t bug you, right? What you don’t have, you never miss because it was never there in the first place. Yinka… my yester years sheltered dream that I never woke up from… and my broken heart. And the relationship that was meant to be fell apart before I could even rescue it. I wish I have the ability to control time, and that I have the opportunity to redeem my past and re-choose my destiny. Curious what I would first do if I were given such chance? I would cut off the root (Yinka) that withers the evergreens and replant my crops. Unfortunately!
Despite the brutal encounters in my life, I do tell myself something that when, God Almighty wills it our heart desires are granted.
With the irreversible powers of the Alpha and Omega, Bosun’s wishes came to pass on 28th and 30th Oct, 2010. The tag of singleness was removed from her as Dapo repented of men’s animal and greedy desire to keep chains of women and gave his love to her without reservation. Bosun, may your marriage be fruitful, you have found the kind of companionship that money could not provide. You preferred his empty pockets, to the affluence of other men. I pray your joy will not be crippled.
Lately, we spend little time together. I don’t see much of you anymore these days because you have been busy building your joy of love and performing your role of wife, sister-in-law and motherhood. You are one of the virtuous females I have seen in my time. You would never die building. Your joys would grow stronger.
I was the instrument that destiny used to lead Bosun to Dapo, but she made her own life complete.
And for this longing heart, I do hope, pray that someday real soon, I reap the joy that comes after the tears of oppression that I’ve sown in the old times up till this present age which took a toll on my maidenhood and perished the peace in the free passage way of love.

                                                           Our way to the registry
                                                                      At the registry
                             The moment we arrived the registry, i just got in the mood of taking pictures
                      I was so excited for my dear friend that i couldn't stop posing for the cameras
                          How could i have forgotten this part? This was when  i finished making up for her.
                          Didn't she look so beautiful?Yes she pass thousands of maidens in beauty as dove passed
                          raven in beauty.
                                                          May your marriage be fruitful!

                                               Vera and I here in the traditional marriage attire.

                          Here my boyfriend says that my arms are muscular, what do you say?
                                     Dapo looked a million dollar here. I'm glad i got the shot right.
                                               Dapo and i in the mode of talking here.

                                                                    The group pics.
                    I like this shot. I took it. I think i should go study photography after my program. Lol!

                                                           Happy married life girlfriend!

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