20 July 2011

Aging Process

Suddenly water has become the ultimate moisturizer for a beautiful body and everyone began to appreciate the tremendous relationship between the water content of the skin and its beauty.
Scientists realized that much-admired skin of a baby is at the peak of hydration, and, therefore, wonderfully soft and smooth. Painfully, as we grow older our bodies begin to lose the knack retaining water, and without help, both inside and out, the skin becomes dehydrated; which in turn accelerates the aging process.
The initial antidote is quite straightforward. Drink a certain amount of water daily in order to function well; if you don’t sup up your quota then the body draws on all its water reservoirs including those of the skin.
At a surface level, there are two enemies to guard against. The first is exposure to the elements: wind, cold, sun and dry air all increase the rate at which water evaporates from the skin. The other superficially damaging and drying influences can be result of sheer mishandling, such as using over-harsh, or the wrong type of products.
Looking on the bright side, the skin can be protected against water loss with contemporary product ‘discoveries’ which don’t only add extra moisture but prevent it escaping.

This product is a two way magic. It controls where you are oily, adds moisture where you are dry. With it, you are perfectly fresh, even-toned  and color true all day.  ESTEE EQUALIZER

This is another good product you should give a try. It builds the mineral in your skin, diminishes with age. Neutrogena 

Make sure you avoid products that are not water base balance. For your masking, use moisturizing masks. laura mercier is a good try.

For your facial wash, use soap-less foaming cleansers. Sisley is a good try for all skin types.

For best moisturizing treatment for your skin, try Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Smoothing Lotion.

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