20 July 2011

Tone Up

Well being is certainly not an easy job. But water helps, there is nothing quite like it.
Water therapy is fast becoming big beauty business all over the world. Of course, we know all about the benefits of swimming – the perfect body toner. Yet even non-swimmers can get increased effects from any exercise movement by doing it in water. Because of the lack of gravity the body weights less and you can achieve better results in water than on dry land. For best results, exercises should be done in warm water than cold – the muscles will stretch and tone better.

Exercising in water. For waist and hips: lie on tummy, in any depth of water, arms stretched out in front, hands gripping sides of pool or a float, legs straight and together. Then open legs making as wide a V as possible. Bring legs together and swing right. Repeat to left. Build up to twenty repeats. For tummy and bottom: take up the same starting position as in previous exercise. Bring right knee up to chest, or as near as possible, and push down again in a circular movement.

Repeat with left leg until you are cycling as vigorously as you can. Up to twenty complete cycles. Treading in water: for overall toning, this is the next best thing to breast stroke. Stand free, in any depth of water – up to chest height (the deeper, the more beneficial the exercise).  Raise right knee to chest, clasp with arms. Then straighten leg out in front and bring arms up to clasp hands over your head. Then take a step forward, swing right arm down over right leg. Carry on walking, pacing out with alternates arms and legs. Do up to twenty paces.

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