26 July 2011

Night's Sleep Secrets

Look back, when was the last time you had enough sleep? Can’t remember, huh? In a society driven by high energy, where we have been made to believe, that we have to work so hard all the time, healthy sleep is just a dream for a lot of people. Studies into hours of sleep have confirmed that the average of working person gets only six hours of sleep a night. Ideally we need at least seven, but preferably eight hours sleep every night remain healthy and alert. Too much sleep is not good for us either, but catching up on lost sleep at the weekend, is a worthwhile effort.

Spending extra hours at work and with your family is important, we know that. But if you want to be productive continually and be energized, you also need to spend enough time sleeping.
Love your job so much and can’t slack off a bit during the week days? Then you can take the weekend off to practice this ‘Good Night’s Sleep Secrets’

1 Try relaxation such as deep breathing, progressive relaxation (tensing and releasing one group of muscles at a time, starting at the feet and working upward toward the head).

2 Listen to cool music or watch a slow pace TV show.

3 Watch what you drink. Avoid caffeine, found in colas, coffee, tea, and chocolate, for six hours before bedtime. Drink some warm milk, it may help you sleep.

4 Wear ear plugs to help block out the noise, or sometimes using fan help drown active noise out and promote good sleep.

5 Take a warm bath to relax, using some calming essential oils.

6 Eat a banana or some turkey about half an hour before you go to sleep as both foods contain a hormone that is precursor to sleep.

For more tips for better sleep, click this link.

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