20 July 2011


Do you know that the loss of texture and condition can be attributed to over-stringent dieting which is not usually recognized?
When water consumption is almost entirely cut out or drastically reduced, dehydration occurs. That’s because the body still needs a certain amount of fluid for efficient blood circulation and in an emergency ‘takes’ from the skin. The moral is that when you are aiming to diet never cut down on liquids – that’s not a way to cheat your looks-day in, day out, your body needs between six eight and eight glasses of water.
Three-day water cure: when you have been over-indulging in rich food, want to detoxify your system and wash away impurities, try a water cure, the French way. Stock up on pure mineral water, of your choice, which will act as a natural diuretic, and eat plenty of fruit. Then let nature take its course. At the end of a cleansing fast like this you should feel full of vitality and energy and your skin should reflect this sense of well-being. It is quite common to have headache and generally feel out of sorts after the first twenty-four hours, while the body rids itself of toxins. This will pass. That’s why it’s important that two of your three days take in the weekend so that (away from work and with husband or friends running the household) you can be as relaxed as possible.
Here is the ideal kind of program:
On awakening: drink a glass of water, preferably while lying down on your left side; this position will help drain the bile from the liver and also encourage the water to pass quickly through the system, taking waste matter with it. Breakfast: as much water as you like, plus half a grapefruit or a wedge of melon. Mid-morning: two glasses of water; again, drunk in Rubens pose. Lunch: fruit bowl – choose from oranges, grapes, melon, apples, grapefruit and pears – plus another glass of water. Tea; two glasses of water, drunk in the reclining position. Dinner: as lunch. Nightcap: a final glass of water once you are lying in bed.
In the long term, aim to improve your shape and skin tone. You can lose weight simply by cutting coffee, tea, alcohol and soft drinks and replacing them with water. Try it for a few weeks and you will watch your weight drop and your skin freshen. Or, take another tip from the French and drink water with meals: that helps fill you up and suppresses your desire for food.

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