20 July 2011

Tone Up Two

If you have no swimming pool at your house, the bath tub is another place that you can use water weight to good effect.

For instance to slim waist and diaphragm, sit up in your in your bath and keep legs straight and touch left foot with right hand and right foot with left hand. 

Typical salon treatments: there is nothing quite like a water massage to stimulate all the nerve endings on the skin’s surface and imbue you with a feeling of being totally recharged right from top to toe.

Underwater massage: jets of water massage the body to tone the muscles – generally invigorating. The pressure scale usually goes from 1 – just tickling sensation – to 7 which is quite strong. You can actually see your skin being sucked up and toned. It is just like the effect of the tried and proven G5 massage on a beauty couch – but more powerful. You lie in a big bath, complete with handrails; you need to hold on. The operator directs the pressure at your problem areas. This is the usual procedure: outside ankle to knee to outside thigh; repeated on the inside of the leg; then the tummy. Then exactly the same performance on backs of legs, buttocks and either side of the spine.

Obviously if you’ve got a lot of fatty tissue on your shoulders, they benefit from treatment too. The whole treatment takes 20 minutes if you are small; but if you are more generously proportioned it’s more like half an hour.

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