18 July 2011

Town Cryer

I am confused. My heart bleeds at each glance i take at the world. Especially my Father Land. In the middle of lights, i see no light. And when i am gorgeously dressed up, people are saying you are beautiful, your face looks bright. But the truth is that, i am crying. I cry for Nigeria. I weep for every soul that dwells therein. My question is, what did we lost that we are desperately looking for at the expense of another person's happiness? Has there been anyone who has gone to the market to buy apple to eat and not finish it? The same for the air that we breathe. Everything will come to an end.

In most cases, if you are a lady you can get a job with all the class you might come out with from the college unless you sleep with the company superiors. Or you might be luck, if you have a very strong collection.... Humans are brutally killing humans: pregnant women, children, everybody are in danger of ritualists desperately wanting to get rich by all means. We are not even safe entering public transport anymore. When these bad people are through collecting money from their (victims) the passengers, they kill them all! Or sometimes, they push down these poor people on the motion. Motorcyclists the popularly called okada, are killed over their motorcycles, that wouldn't cost more than  fifty thousand naira. Husband kills wife. Long time friends betray themselves to the point of killing. And the politicians are the worst murderers!

My Father Land is socked with the blood of the innocent, all for what???

For the life that might be taken any time and the material goods you killed for, you leave them all behind? These are what this sound track by 'Tope Alabi' addressed. If you stumble on this article i hope you will spread the salvation news.

God please save my Father Land, let all the prayers observe on her behalf manifest. Wipe out the evil doers according to your word.... 

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